Monday, December 28, 2009

The Wholigans on Facebook

I finally got on Facebook (not sure why), here is the link
Hafta admit I'm pretty clueless on how it works, but I'm trying :\

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New/Old video

The 2003 Who Convention

It's not the best quality, but it's the best I've got
I'm bored, what do you want for nothing?
......a rubber biscuit ! .......Quote "The Blues Brothers"

*Mute player on the left of the page

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

UK & EU in 2010

After we play L.A. Sat January 16th in Marina Del Ray

We have begun confirming dates for 2010 in the UK & EU.
Keep checking our calendar for updates.
I think this is our 7th or 8th UK tour in 10 years (lemme check)

One of the very first gigs booked is our absolute favourite.....The Flowerpot in Derby :)

We will be visiting England,Ireland,Scotland and Wales twice March through May.
Germany in March and Sweden in May.

We're hoping to fit a few more shows in Ireland along with Dublin and Belfast as it seems they love The Who over there (that..... and we all like Guinness ;} *hic

Also look out for a BIG 1 nighter in Las Vegas gig March 10th ,
and also an all summer long small arena tour /outdoor festivals of the USA with 2 other tributes The Beatles & Stones & of course The Who.

2010 is shaping up to be our biggest yet.

Any buyers/agents (only) reading this, there are dates open, just contact for info.
Netherlands buyers are especially welcome.

UK & EU contact our agent Nigel Morton in Yorkshire

Everything you see here is a work in progress, but the ball is definetely rolling with some shows already booked.

So if you want to see The Wholigans next year,tell your local venues to get in on the act assap !!!
Just give them our links , and maybe lie just a little bit ;) and tell them that we're *fairly* good at what we do ;) ;)

The Wholigans you tube channel

Play All 108 video’s...7 hours+ back to back

Latest news



Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Wholigans in L.A

The Wholigans are headed to L.A

We are proud to announce we are now working with
Jerry Greenberg who is famous for signing acts such as Whitesnake,Foreigner,Motorhead and Abba and many many others.

Jerry presents......'Bring Back The Music'
Jan 16th 2010 Marina Del Ray one night only.

We are also happy to announce that Mike Bisch, bassist from LA Who tribute 'My Generation' will be an official Wholigan for this one.
(note: You can see me singing with My Gen at

The band for LA is
Barry (shouter)
Darren Atkinson (Drums)
Chris Bacon (Guitar)
Mike Bisch (Bass)

Coming soon ....more west coast USA gigs in 2010 .
Heres a clue to where we are playing

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Maximum R & B (Roger & Barry)

A poster Mr. D kindly signed for me :)
(he also signed a ticket )

Great show

Monday, November 30, 2009



Tonight I'm off to see wassisname from that band from Shepherd's Bush.

I must admit I'm a tad apprehensive and perhaps slightly intimidated about going to tonights gig with 2000 Daltrey fans. (Nothing a shot of southern comfort won't fix....I'm hoping)

It should be a good show from what I've been reading about the tour.
Tonight is the end of the tour.
I'll post any photo's and a review Tuesday.

Update 12.20pm
I just read that Roger's voice gave him a hard time last night,I hope the gig is still on.

Monday, November 23, 2009


The Wholigans & HIWATT UK have had a working relationship since 2002 and they have been very very good to us and we look forward to many years to come.
Earlier this year we teamed up to play Germany at Musikmesse and they also supplied the band with equipment on our UK tour .
Last month we also recieved a shipment of customized 'The Wholigans' amps and cabinets for our USA shows
(photo's to follow)
Once again in 2010 HIWATT and the band will team up for shows in the EU + UK .
The Wholigans are proud to be listed as a HIWATT UK artist, next to artists such as
'The Killers' ,Coldplay & Cheap Trick.
With 2010 being the 40th anniversary of 'LIVE AT LEEDS' ,we look forward to carrying on the tradition of The Who & HIWATT UK.
For HIWATT freaks only, look here

WATCH ALL The Wholigans video's 108 & counting
The Wholigans on Youtube

Friday, November 20, 2009

Best of the best

I hope I don't piss too many Wholigans off about this......but
This video is probably one of (if not THE best performance) I've seen of The Wholigans.
I have been SO LUCKY to have been surrounded by great -really great- musicians over the years.
Without whom I'd look and sound like shit.
This is from 1987-88ish or so . (it say's 89, but I believe it's a couple of years before that)


I'll probably have to look for new band members after this as the current ones probably won't talk to me :(
Y'know I love you guys ;) ........honest enjun

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bad Co Tour the UK in 2010

Simon Kirke

Paul Rodgers

I saw Bad Co a few months back in Florida ,and I highly suggest this show to all in the UK.
Great singer and a great band !
I may be in the UK with The Wholigans around that time,so hopefully I can catch a show.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Go figure !

More old/new video's ;)
2006 The Who convention
1st of a few....

'Heaven & Hell'

1/2 A Quick One

WHO ARE YOU 2005 tv gig Tampa


Friday, November 13, 2009

New(ish) Video's

2007 Hamburg Germany
Kaiserkeller club
'Love Ain't For Keeping'




2009 WGFA
Here's some other old video's to watch , for people who have lots of time on their hands

2003 stuff (Live at Leeds)
Intro (by Ozzie a crazy WHO fan) of 'old stuff' put up for no apparent reason
only watch till 3.09
as it repeats itself

Old stuff put up for no apparent reason 'Live At Leeds' part 1

PT2 of old shit

REALLY old stuff (eminence front)85

Something about a pinball

Cry if you want

Sister Disco

Watch only if you have 1/2 an hour of your life of which you don't care if you can get it back or not ;)

I'm bored......can you tell ? ;)

Coming soon to a theatre/youtube near you.......more WHO convention indepth report.
& asap a 2009 UK tour video (when Darren sends it to me
( from what I hear, it should be "soon")

Don't all jump and down at once ! .........(just a hint of sarcasm fills the air)
I feel the excitement/anticipation *cough* don't you ?

Till next time Wholigans *yawn*


*thinks to self*
I wonder if anybody reads this crap ? ......and why?????

oh &.....heres an easier link to August Vegas shows photo's

Assorted other blatant promo. .......(view at your own risk)
TheWholigans Youtube channel

The Wholigans video page 82-2009

Play all 106 video's back to back

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Who convention

Twiddling me thumbs today so I popped a couple of video's up from the 2006 WHO convention from London up.

, and I'm taking a look at what else there is that's ok.

Would be nice to play another WHO convention, but it takes a lot of work and I'm not sure there's anybody out there wants to give it a shot as the 2003 and 2006 were such a hard act to follow.
There's all kinds of links about the 06 convention in the 'more info' next to the video's if you want to take a gander/look.

You can read about the 2006 WHO convention here...
and the official photo album of the day is here
made up of photo's sent in by fans who came from all over the world .

I'm waiting on footage from this years UK tour to be sent to me, so there's nothing to put up in that regard just yet.

Otherwise I'm just working on gigs for 2010.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Sub titles for the Un-Irish


Irish Jack Video & The Wholigans
The video link on this post here has had sub titles added to it for those who couldn't understand any of it at all before.

The whole video is still hard to make sense of ,and will only mean anything at all to WHO fans who are aware of...... or have met Irish Jack.

It really is just a stumble through the eyes of a pint (or 2 or more ) of Guinness and the tales & philosphy of the men who partake in this liquid gold.

There is no hidden meaning or any reason trying to make sense of it,
I mean ..WHY ASK WHY ?
It just 'is ..what it is' more no less.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Here's a video of the first and more than likely the last time we played 'Run Run Run' at Tom Wright's photo exhibition in 03.
For all the details read 'more info' on the youtube site (to the right of the video)

I actually love the song and keep pushing the other Wholigans to do it,but they all seem a litle gun shy..... for some reason. I'll keep pushing, but in the meantime here it is

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cabin fever

I'm just a tad bored not playing, even though it's only been a month since the UK tour.
So I'm putting up a few old video's on youtube
(I'm waiting on new UK ones being sent to me by one of the other Wholigans.)
As soon as I get them I'll pop those up as well.
For now, here's 'See me,Feel me' from the 2003 WHO convention.
There was a short clip of this up for a while, but this is the complete version.

I'm going through a few different shows from over the years and will try and put up some off the wall /different songs, aside from the "normal" Who songs.

Any agents/venues/buyers out there, hurry up and call me.....I'm ready to go!!!!!!!!


ps:The Vegas photo's have been added to ,see here for an explanation ........404 to 505

Friday, October 09, 2009

Didn't want to say anything......but

WELL....I couldn't , for fear of losing gigs .

Dateline UK Tour Aug 28th-Sept 13th

Early September I caught a wicked wicked cold in Glasgow
(so what ? might say, what's the big deal about a cold ? )

Well, here's the big deal.....a few days later after sneezing /coughing etc etc for hours / days on end.
There I was..... fast asleep in my hotel at 3am or so, when BANG! , someone had shot me in the side of my head (or so I thought)
I screamed in pain at the top of my voice (which I'm sure the other hotel guests really appreciated at 3am)
So I feel this f'n awful pain in my right ear and theres blood coming out non stop
(lovely visual I know)

Anyway twas no gunshot , but my eardrum had burst from an inner ear infection built up behind the drum.
So there I am a singer with a burst ear drum ,I can't hear a flippin thing and no way to fix it really at 3am.

So early the next day (7am or so) I head to a hospital in Derby, walk into the A&E (emergency) and sit and wait .
They finally get me into see a overall general practioner

(with limited skills and limited medical equipment to boot)
She looks in my ear and says, 'oh theres too much blood in there I can' t see, but it looks like a burst eardrum'
Well no kidding sherlock ! about you clean it up so you can see and have a better synopsis ?
But no,they gave me a box of pills and said take 2 and call me in the morning blah blah blah.

Apart from the ear, I was also dying of a really bad cold etc, and I DID mention to her that I was
a singer and needed as much help as possible, and all I got basically was shrugged shoulders from the doc who said that's all I can do etc etc etc

So here I am not even 1/2 way through a tour with only 1 ear !
Meanwhile I can't tell anybody but my bandmates for fear of losing gigs.

I manage to get through a couple of gigs with one ear, and then we are in Swansea and the same thing happens in another hotel room,

HOLY SHIT! I am , a singer in the middle of a UK tour and I can't hear a thing!
(in reality I had about 10% of my hearing)

I head to a hospital in Swansea, and go through EXACTLY the same rigamorole as Derby, they didn't do shit to help all
As you may have noticed I'm not thrilled with the health "care'" I had recieved at this point. :(
Once again I can't afford to let venue owners know they hired a deaf singer !

and not only that, I'm shitting myself wondering whether I should cancel everything or see what happens.
So come soundcheck, I just tell the soundman etc that I have a bad headcold and can hardly hear.

We play a song, and ALL I can hear is the voice inside my head and the vibrations of the bass and the drums, the guitar is a mere fly buzzing around my head.
I sing (or at least attempt to) and it appears the 27 years of having to sing with no monitors at shitty gigs is paying off.

I asked the guys in the band what they thought, and they said it (my voice) was fine and actually was better than normal as I was paying more attention to the songs and being in time.

Well we do a show with me just phuureeeeeking out hoping no-one notices, and apparently no-one did, so the fact that I couldn't hear diddlysquat was neither here nor there, the audience apparently were none the wiser thank god.

Funny thing was ,after we play a song I usually can judge the crowd by their response, but this time

I could only see them clap and cheer, but I could barely hear a thing !!!!

Long story (kinda short) we finished the tour with very positive feedback and general insanity fanwise (especially in Scotland & Ireland)
Problem 2 was, both Mark and Darren got sick as well (Chris did not somehow) and Darren just got better 2 days ago, however they did not blow any eardrums.

Here I am back in the USA and I was really glad to see an ear nose and throat specialist

(straight away I might add as I'm very happy with my health insurance thankyouverymuch:)

Well they put me through a plethora of tests and check and clean most of the orifices that matter
(dirty minds exit here) ;)
I have since been twice to the specialist and have a third visit in a week or so, but the good news is, the ears are healing.
I am still only running on about 50-60% hearing right now,
& each day is better.

OH....aparently my high end was lost many years ago because of my playing with the EXTREMELY loud Wholigans, but I can honestly say I'd do it all again in a heartbeat

Fortunately I do not have the tenitus that Pete was said to have had at one point.

So the bottom line is, we have not been playing since leaving the UK Sept 13th and probably won't for a little bit, so I have a chance to fully heal.

On this tour I can truly say I WAS Tommy being 'Deaf, Dumb & Blind'

'Please ...turn everything louder than everything else !' ;)

ps: As you may know I'm a big Paul Rodgers fan, well a concert I went to last year 08/08/08 at the hard rock cafe in Hollywood Florida is being broadcast on VH1 Classic.
Bad Company: Hard Rock Live 2009


Hard Rock Live" broadcast on the "VH1 Classics" channel.

MONDAY 5TH OCT 11:00 - 12.30PM

MONDAY 5TH OCT 11:00 - 12.30AM

TUESDAY 6TH OCT 5:00- 6.30PM


FRIDAY 9th OCT 3:30 - 5:00PM

Now obviously it's too late to see the performances earlier this week, but it's on at 3.30 today and I'm sure it will be repeated next week.
As I say, I was there and have seen it on VH1, I was about 10 rows (at the end of the row) in front of Mick Ralphs (guitar)

A great gig, by a great band, with a fantastic singer !

....and speaking of TOMMY, it's on at 8.30pm tonight on VH1 Classic.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Youtube in their infinite wisdom have changed all the existing channels to their 'new' format in the last few days or so.
I'm not sure I'm all that enamoured with it,maybe it will just take getting used to.

I've twiddled and tweaked the settings here and there and am still discovering how,what,where and when on how to do things.
Take a look, and if any of you are youtube experts and/or have any ideas, feel free to comment (good or bad)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Las Vegas Aug 16th-22nd 2009

These photo's + a few more are here
We played Fremont st Aug 16th-22nd for thousands each night and here are a lot of photo's taken by the fremont st photographer guy.
I managed to get a few photo's (above) from a friend, and I have contacted the photographer for more, but have yet to recieve a reply.
So...until then......
Heres the tricky part,
go here and once there you'll see a large photo box titled Fremont st
and at the bottom right of the first box you'll see a small grey grid.
Click on that,
then use the side scroll to go down to photo 404,
click on 404 and continue to look at photo's 404 to 424 in a slideshow.
OH...BTW....once you have photo 404 going, click on the box next to the grid to see the slideshow in full screen.
To see all of our photo's they are 404-to-424
and 450+451
Sorry about the work :(
Our photo & video page has been updated ,and I still have to post some Toronto and a few more Vegas eventually.
Right now..... it's a bit quiet in Wholigania, probably for a while but 2010 is a different story (especially early 2010)
In the meantime you know Roger is on tour ,so I'll catch some of you at the shows. :)
'Use it or Lose it'

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Irish Jack and a drop of Guinness


At first when I found this video I was not too happy that someone had filmed us without our knowing.

While watching it for the first time I was waiting for the shoe to drop and someone to spout what really shouldn't be dirty public laundry.

Fortunately we were all on our good behaviour that day (or we were until the 5th pint or so ;)

The video was taken at Grogans pub just around the corner from 'the academy' in DUBLIN where we were playing that night.

We met prior to soundcheck many hours before showtime at midnight (we played till 2.30am+ or so)

The star of the video is Jack and it is only a brief glimpse into a tale that he weaves seamlessly & effortless as others just breathe it in.

The man is a walking book with twists and turns and tales that will keep you on the edge of your seat, hoping to capture the moment when he was 'there' and we hope to perchance catch a glimpse of a time and place we could only wish it were us at that moment.

Jack, you're a one of a kind my man.

Part 2
I do have a confession,although I have tasted guinness a sip or two previously,
but I had not actually drank a whole pint before, but what better place to lose my guinness virginity than in Dublin at 'Grogans' sitting with Irish Jack and his fellow Irishmen.

The first one went down waaaaay too easy,
followed by another,
and another
and another get the idea ;}

I will never be the same again as my Guinness virginity was broken not once, but several times whilst in Ireland.

You crazy bastards are indeed aptly titled because after a few pints of that ,it's enough to drive a man to drink (not that I need an excuse anyway)

But back to the video, I emailed Jack the video and asked his opinion on if it was alright to show and he replied.......


This is 6 minutes 46 seconds of pure unadulterated Guinness Genius ! Who in God's name had the termerity to point a lens in my direction? It is really very funny. I've played it twice and I love it. "

Irish Jack

So here ya go.

Guinness at Grogans pub in Dublin

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More UK photo's


Motherwell (Scotland)

7 Austin's & Elvis
Elvis and his friends on their way to Ireland for his bachelor party.
We met on the ferry over from Holyhead to Dublin.

Our stage set up for most shows.
More UK photo's here

Thursday, September 24, 2009



Speaking of Woodstock, here are some video's of that day
Alan Kaye as Joe Cocker
(inc The Wholigans at 5.15 on)
'A little help from my friends'

I'm missing a band or two, as I find the video I'll put it up.
I believe the crowd was around 20-30,000 and the vibe all day was surreal,and the comraderie between bands was just great..
I'm not really a hippy kind of guy but that particular event was as close to the real Woodstock I'll ever get to.
That was probably one of (if not THE best gigs we've ever played) unlike Mr.Townshend at the real woodstock, we actually enjoyed it.
Not that you can ever compare the two, but for me....I loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat.
Photo's here
all Wholigans photo's here

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Irish Jack playing 'Happy Jack' at the academy in Dublin.

Here are few photo's from Mick (far right) in Dublin. I'll put the rest up asap.

As you can see Irish Jack got up and played guitar on 'Happy Jack' and even threw in a few windmills during the song, I guarantee you nobody anywhere else in the world has such a photo.
Jack had a blast as did we (including drinking guiness at the hotel till 5.30 in the morning!!!!! )
See all photo's on my space.
The Wholigans Guest book updated Sept 23rd 12.30pm here_
Motherwell Scotland video
Video from Motherwell Scotland
'My Generation'
The Wholigans Video page all cleaned up, 97 video's spanning 27 years here
Watch all 97 back to back here

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Look WHO's back !

Arrived back home late last night and I intend to sleep all day today, but before are the first of many photo's and video's that I'll post in the next week or so.

These particular photo's are from our gig in Motherwell at the civic centre.

Courtesy of Wullie Marr.

Man.... do I have story's to tell you , from Insane Irish fans to a deaf dumb and blind boy, the insanity of a UK road trip continues.......Watch this space.

More photo's here


Video from our Woodstock gig Aug 15th

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here we go...... to the UK.Bright & early Wednesday.See you at the gigs :)

Woodstock Aug 15th


ps: just before I go ,I've uploaded 100+ photo's from the Woodstock gig Aug 15th, there are many similar but I won't have time to edit them until I get back from the UK.
The sunset ones are the best imo. (around the middle )

Monday, August 24, 2009

Toronto video + UK news

NEW Video from Toronto Aug 13th
Summertime blues
Amazing Journey/Sparks
Baba O’Riley
Won’t get fooled again

Dublin Sept 13thIRISH JACK will be on stage talking about his days with The Who, prior to our gig at the Academy.
Woodstock Aug 15th 2009 montage

No time to lose

Woodstock tribute Aug 15th
To borrow the words from a Geordie band called 'Lindisfarne' song , 'No time to lose'

I have to issue a blanket apology to everyone I haven't been in touch with since late July as I've seriously had 'no time to lose'

We played Toronto on the 31st, then I had to arrange our 2nd Toronto show Aug 13th, then Chicago Aug 14/15th & Vegas 16th-22nd and then the UK ,leaving Aug 26th till Sept 14th and add to that other foreign trips later this year.
I shouldn't complain, as it's what I like to do , rock n roll !!!!! :)
But I have been very lax in my communications, and give a huge thanks to all who have been very positive at the shows and for my birthday.

I don't have any photo's or video to share as of yet, but the thousands and thousands of fans at all the shows do, from the packed show at the 'sound academy' in Toronto and the eerily Woodstock similar crowd at the Chicago show Aug 15th, to the huge crowds in Vegas, it all has been insane !

If any of you that came to the shows are reading this ,if you would please email me any photo's or video...thanks.
If I don't reply for a while I apologise as it's a bit hectic around these parts right now, but it's all good.

The UK tour starts this week and I'm only home (in Florida) for couple of days, and trust me the laundry needs doing and the grass needs cutting and the garbage taken out......
ahhhhhhh the life of a 'part time "rockstar" ha ha ha ha lol ;)
It's about 75% sure we will be adding a date in London on Sept 5th and I will let you know when that is finalized.
I'll do my damndest to get back here asap, but for now it's time to walk the dog and feed the fish,cat and birds :\
OH.....and I better find time to talk to missus Wholigan as well, or I'll get in trouble :
ps: the photo's above are courtesy of Alan Kaye (a Joe Cocker tribute who played with us at the Chicago Woodstock gig and in Las Vegas)
ps to the ps:
Expect some even Bigger shows worldwide coming up, and also a big big thanks to our friend Matt who sings in a Bruce Springsteen tribute called 'BruceintheUSA' who helped us in Vegas and whom we are in the planning stages of doing many shows together .
Go see him on his upcoming UK tour and say HI from Barry.
Thankyou thankyou thankyou to all the 'Wholigans' we met in the last month, you were great and we hope to meet up again real soon !
'Turn everything louder than everything else!'
btw.....115 degrees in Vegas...wasswithat ?????? :

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Deep fried mars bars ?

I just got this from a promoter in Scotland........

"I will, of course, be making good Scottish breakfasts for you guys – square sausage, haggis, tattie scones, deep fried Mars bars etc etc etc all washed down with Johnnie Walker!!!!
We also have a good wee greasy spoon cafĂ© across the road – if you prefer a more standard ‘full English’!

I’m right beside a pub (or four), a chip shop, a curry house, an ice cream parlour, an excellent park plus two or three lap dancing clubs within taxi distance!!

Look forward to seeing you guys soon,

Looks like Scotland may have more than a few tales to tell !!!!! ;}

but first Toronto,Chicago and Vegas. :)

No time to pee !

So I caught your attention, but it's true I DON'T HAVE TIME TO PEE !
I've been So busy for months and months organising everything from gigs,cars,hotels,work permits,tax forms,flight after flight after flight after fucking flight!
I do not like this travel agent shit man !!!! all want to do is sing damnit!!!!!!!
You'd think after 27 years it would be swimming pools,fast ,loose women
sex drugs n rock nroll.......well let me tell you something.!
Only some of that is true (not sayin which part ;}

ah quit yer bitchin ....I here ya say...quit yer pissin and moaning you part time Roger good for nothing.,,,,,,,,

Maybe your right.......then again maybe not.

ANYWAY where were we ? :)
OH YEAH.....we'll see you in Toronto on Friday night :)

turn everything louder than everything else !



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thursday, August 06, 2009

TORONTO Aug 13th !!!!!!!!!!

*****Updates Aug 6th 11.30am*****

Venue Sound Academy

WOODSTOCK tribute show, with tributes to Hendrix (my mate Tony Springer) and CCR,Santana ,Janis,Joe Cocker,The Band and more.....
& of course THE WHO

Tickets only available by winning , enter online or 'listen live' to Q107
Heres a video from my birthday bash July 31st in Toronto featuring Wholigans drummer Paul Holman 1984-88, Mike Chessman (bass) and The Wholigans Canadian bassist since 86 Dave Smith.
Dave is on guitar here though , playing my favourite song he does 'Goin home' by Ten years after.
Collectively they are known as 'TheAveryStoneBand'
I'll have other video up with The Wholigans at 'the bash' up by next week..promise ;)

New-ish WHOLIGANS video from May 2008 (W/Dave on bass & DarrenLolk on guitar)
'Young man blues' at Jeff Healeys bar in Toronto.
This was the final show at Jeffs place due to his passing.
*note...his tribute concert was the same night as us at a bigger location.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

UK Tour....Newcastle date

New UK gigs

Sept 8th Newcastle ....Live on BBC Radio
Aug 31st Notts

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It's a start anyway

Part 1
First off ...
A HUGE THANKYOU to all who came, and sent cards and best wishes. I had a great time (probably a bit too much fun .... if you know what I mean ;) ;) *hic

Here's a poem /song Irish Jack wrote for me for my birthday , but unfortunately I did not get it in time for the party, although I did recieve phone calls about it on the night and saw many frantic emails upon my return to Florida from people trying to get in touch with me.

As I say 'I pulled a Roger' and was internet free for 5 days (on purpose) so I apologise to Jack and those trying to get a hold of me.

Anyway, here is Jacks letter.
As the resident poet laureate of Shepherd's Bush I have composed a poem / "song" to honour your 50th birthday.

I thought it might be fun if you either read it out to the multitude at your 50th bash or perhaps sang it unaccommpanied.
It is, of course, a fitting tribute to you and in the air of the Alan Price classic The Jarrow Song.

What might be great, though you probably wouldn't have enough time by the time you get this, would be to have copies printed out for some of your guests.....Here's the song / poem (Have a really great night)

Well, my name is Little Barry Quinn
I'm not much tall but I'm full of vim
And the wife say's
"Barry go to London town
And if The Who don't soil their underpants
Or grant an audition with half a chance
Then Barry, with my blessings burn them down...

'Come on you Daltrey boy
He'll fill your heart with joy
He's marching for your freedom now
'Come on you Bush-born lad
He'll make your heart feel glad
He's singing Tommy, Quadrophenia
and Anyhow

Well, my name is Little Barry Quinn
I've long blonde hair and my microphone spins
And the wife say's
"Barry go to London town
And if The Who don't wanna smash up gear
Or throw a guitar into the air
Then Barry, with my blessings burn them down

'Come on you Daltrey boy
Happy Jack say's I'm A Boy
He's marching for your freedom now
'Come on you Roger lad
He'll make your heart feel glad
He's singing Tommy, Quadrophenia
and Anyhow

Well, my name is Little Barry Quinn
Give me half a chance and I'll look like Him
Cos Daltrey is a hero of mine
I was born in July Nineteen Fifty Nine.....

(Irish Jack) -with apologies to Alan Price !

_______________ great is that ? to have dat young fella Jack of all people compose a writing as such for lil ole me :)
Thankyou Jack, lets share a pint or 2 ;) ;) in Ireland when we get over there next month.

On another note.... I'm still mulling over my own particular writings of the debauchery that passed for a birthday party last Friday.
So while I'm doing that, please take a look at some photo's of that night.

Monday, August 03, 2009

UGH !!!

Mon Aug 3rd 4.20pm
Just got back to hot hot hot Florida from Toronto a couple of hours ago.
Lemme sort through the 2 zillion emails I got while I purposely stayed off the electronic highway for 5 whole days!!

I've got loads of photo's and even some video (which I'm frightened to look at at !!!!)

Jack, I got your poem/song and I will reply pronto, right after I pour a cold one ;}

I'll will post/blog more tomorrow with all my thankyou's n stuff, but for's feet up .....and a cold beer and once more I'll take flight away from the world that lies beneath this screen.

See ya in the morning kids :)
(I can say that now that I'm 'offficially' an old fart !:)

Me with Dave (who's mug is on the shirts with my legs !!)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


There seems to be a bit of confusion over the date of my birthday party,
(those with invites, please read the letter that came with the invite)
My birthday is Monday the 27th……The Party is FRIDAY THE 31ST

Friday, July 24, 2009

Over the hill ?

Well it's near that time :(
I turn 50 next week on the 27th, and I am throwing a big bash in Toronto on the 31st.
I look forward to seeing friends and musicians I haven't seen in 25 years !
All passes are now gone (give or take a couple set aside for last minute guests), so it should be a good one.

The photo above is me around 6 or 7 or so (I think) outside the Bewicke school in Howdon in England.
I looked like a hooligan even then !

Where has the time gone ?
I'm still rockin all over the world, so thank you God for getting me this far.

In the next few weeks we are playing Toronto Canada,Chicago,Las Vegas then the UK (with the odd surprise gig thrown in here and there)

Apart from my 50th, it is also my 25th wedding anniversary the day after, and the 27th anniversary of The Wholigans.

I think the champagne(southern comfort will be flowing) ;}

Thankyou Wholigans for everything *sniff* tear*


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009 UK tour......NEWCASTLE ......not on ?????

2008 The Carling Academy..................not full enough ???????
This photo was taken at last years gig at the academy.

Newcastle Opera house 2003

July 17th* UK Show updates at bottom of this blog

As you may know I grew up in Newcastle in the 60's-70's until late 1980 and absolutely love going back nearly every year,

but........... It appears the Newcastle academy feels there aren't enough Who/Wholigan fans to warrant a show there this UK tour :( (Aug/Sept 09)

If you have seen the band on our last 3 times through Newcastle at both 'The Opera House/Tyne Theatre & The Academy and want to see us back in Newcastle, call up the Academy (or other possible venues) and voice your support for us. email call +44 191 268 0627

Locals ,also air your support on the BBC Radio Newcastle Paddy Macdee show. Do you have a better Newcastle venue ?,.....gis a shout at or mail our UK agent.

BBC Radio Newcastle .....Paddy Macdee interview 2008
Live at the BBC...Part 1 of 4
Live at the BBC....Part 2
Live at the BBC... Part 3
Live at the BBC ... Part 4

Newcastle Evening Chronicle writes about The Wholigans
2 page centre article on Barry in the chronicle
EMAIL Gordon Barr

Newcastle evening chronicle (he did the 2003 write up .............(above 2 page centre) ___ _______________________

A fantastic substitute! (link) By Dave Charlton, The Evening Chronicle The Wholigans, Newcastle Opera House - As a big fan of The Who, I arrived at the Newcastle Opera House a little apprehensive. Could tribute band The Wholigans live up to the original rock legends?

But from the opening number Who Are You?, my anguish soon disappeared. Not only did they sound brilliant but they even mimicked their counterparts, from Daltrey's microphone swinging through to Townshend's thrashing windmill style guitar playing.

This was then followed up with superb renditions of classics such as Happy Jack, Magic Bus, Boris The Spider and Pinball Wizard.
After a short interval the band returned to the mesmerising synthesiser intro to Baba O'Riley.
They then treat the crowd to more gems including Substitute, Pictures of Lily and finally, Won't Get Fooled Again. The Wholigans returned for a final encore with `Daltrey' in a Newcastle United shirt, and they finished the show with a blistering performance of The Who anthem My Generation.

To complete the proceedings the drums were kicked over and `Townshend's' guitar smashed on stage.
Now there are critics who disagree or are against tribute bands but if they're as good as this and continue on spreading the gospel of great live music instead of manufactured pop pap, then I'm all for it.

Do I think that The Wholigans come into this category of fantastic live music? You Better, You Bet!
Newcastle opera house 'Behind blue eyes' 2003 video
On a happier note. For all me Geordie mates who gan on the pop , divvent get on the phone aftaawards. Rhubarb I find this classic :)

* Toronto July 31st (link) I'm still looking for former Wholigans..and friends , all believed to be in Toronto..
John Walsh (guitarist 85-89ish)
Mario Forlini aka Mick Forli aka Mick LaRock (guitarist 82-83) & Pierre (Al) Major & Joe (bassist) (82-83) possibly in Montreal
& Pete Milner (2000)
& guitarist Rich Flynn (Oshawa) may have moved to Atlanta
Gareth Brown owner of Toronto's rock n roll heaven in the 80's (below Q107)

Please contact me at

UPDATES July 17th 1pm
*New date in Scotland Aug 28th
Aug 30th Dundee show moved
TV show 'The Spot' featuring The Wholigans 2005 (scroll to the right for more or just push play)
Mute The Wholigans '' player (above) before playing these video's
These video's will play back to back for at least 3 hours