Wednesday, December 31, 2008


BBC *UPDATED 7.20pm Thursday January 1st

Parts 1-4 now up from our 1/2 hour interview with Paddy MacDee at Radio Newcastle November 17th 2008.
Includes accoustic versions of 'Substitute' & 'Behind blue eyes'
part 1

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4

******update************Jan 1st

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Updated Monday Dec 29th 4.40pm ...........5 new vids

Here are the first of a few video's from the recent UK Nov 2008 tour.
'The Real Me'
'I'm One' both featuring the Mods of Motherwell in all their glory and fine voice !

Love reign o'er me

Shakin all over

more to come including ...who are you'........magic bus and our 1/2 hour interview with BBC Radio Newcastle , including accoustic versions of 'Substitute' & 'Behind Blue Eyes'

Sunday, December 21, 2008


If you are the photographer in the main blog photo, please contact me I'd love to see what photo's you took,thanks.

I just discovered these photo's taken by a friend of The Wholigans, John Fletcher from Newcastle, who also took some video of the show which I hope to have on youtube soon.



Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tommy Tommy Tommy

Click on photo's for larger images

1969-2009.........40th Anniversary of 'Tommy' ......see me feel me touch me

(mute /click pause twice, player (near bottom of blog)before playing video's) 'ctrl/end' to get to bottom of this page

The Wholigans will be performing TOMMY in 'Live at Leeds' fashion throughout 2009 +greatest hits.
Also a 40th anniversary of Woodstock Aug 14/15/16 in Illinois at Galt Airport
(details & links coming soon)

The Wholigans 2003 in Germany

The Wholigans 2007 in Germany

Coming in 2009 'Tommy' to a Wholigans gig near you !
ask for it
tell your friends
pass it on

Gotta feelin 2009 is gonna be a good year.


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Back from the UK

Updated 2.40pm Dec 21st (more Newcastle photo's)
Wales review
DLO'S photo's added see below ******* *

If any of you caught a UK show, please send me any photo's and/or video and I'll post it asap !
For all the latest news and 2009 gig updates and The Wholigans return to the UK in 2009, sign up for our monthly mailing list on our homepage

Who are
The Wholigans

NEW guestbook entries with photo links
add your own entry we'd love to see you there! Motherwell Mods and Wholigans 'Magic Bus' at the Diamond Nov 23rd Guitar smash Bush Hall Nov 19th Small Fakers opening @ Bush Hall

Motherwell Nov 22nd photo's Pictures from Barry quinn

*update****Assorted UK photo's London & Newcastle Pictures Assorted2008 update Dec 9th

Newcastle photo's courtesy of John Fletcher

Road photo's UKroad2008

update!!!!!! 10.20 DEC 9TH

DLo's road pics *****

Motherwell shots courtesy of Charlie Murphy
London bush hall photo's courtesy of
Newcastle photo's courtesy of

2009 Dates: Canada,USA,UK & Germany all in the works .......Woodstock 3 day festival Aug14/15/16 Illinois ...+ dates in .Las Vegas


Monday, November 10, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Newspaper article about the NOV 22nd gig in Motherwell.
See the video's below they will get you ready for the shows, Sparks is especially amazing !!!!

We will be playing a few acoustic WHO songs and doing an interview Nov 17th on BBC Radio Newcastle the night before the actual Newcastle gig on the 18th.
You can listen live here on the night 10.30 UK & 4 or 5.30 in the USA/Canada... depending on your time zone.

Mute player (bottom of blog with my mug on it ; ) first before playing the videos

This is what you will hear on this tour !

WANTED.....WHO fans in Chester !!!!!!!
NOV 24th
Telford’s Warehouse - Canal Basin, Tower Wharf, Chester, CH1 4EZ Telephone (01244) 39 00 90 Fax (01244) 37 00 71

If you know any WHO fans in and around, let them know that Telfords is a great venue and the roof will be blown off that night with the sound of 'LIVE AT LEEDS' !!!!!! in Chester.
Tell your mates.

Upate Oct 24th
1 More show added.....Nov 27th

Full UK tour listings at see 'OnTour'

New venue in Wales opening in November

Update Sept 29th 6.20pm *UK show added..see below*

Run Run Run ,Bonie Moronie...THE WHO
Video's 1982-2008 (& counting)
or go to the bottom of this blog . (remember to mute the 'playlist' player first)

****New show added**** Wales........Nov 29th Cardiff.........'The Globe'




Friday, September 12, 2008

Barry & youtube.........FINALLY!

The Wholigans youtube channel

5 Years ago this month
2003 WHO convention at The Mean Fiddler
(Down at THE Astoria )

2003 Photo's


November 19th Shepherds bush London


W/SPECIAL GUESTS (a brilliant band ! )

THE Small Faces tribute





ps; Would the owner of these photo's please contact me ,thanks, I've lost your email.

Everything louder than everything else !


click on image

This is a letter that has been hanging on my wall for years, and I still laugh everytime I read it.
*Note ,this was pre computer/email days and it was typed (see xx and various other clues)
The club is no longer I believe.....but we are still loud ! :P

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today I mourn for the country I now call home.
God bless the fallen & the heroes of that day.
Remember 911.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

UK date announced !

Wales Friday Nov 28th
More to follow.

Be like these canny lads and get the Original WHOLIGAN....T- shirt !!! :)

Order your shirts now as we will have only a limited few for sale on the tour.
s/m/l/xl/xxl/xxxl $9.99 +s & h

The band line up for the November UK tour is......

Darren Atkinson....drums

Darren Lolk

on bass

Craig Addecott from UK Who tribute 'Who's Next'

When touring the UK & Europe The Wholigans would like to thank

for providing us with great equipment.
HIWATT......the only gear that matters in Whoworld.

* THE gig to be at in London......

UK.Shepherds Bush LONDON .....19th November 2008 ..BUSH HALL

w/The Small Fakers (Small Faces tribute)

All or Nothing.......


The Who &The Small Faces

& UK..Nov 22nd Glasgow Motherwell civic centre


*Heres what you can expect on the UK tour.
(mute player close to the bottom of the page)

The Wholigans only perform WHO material recorded with Keith Moon .

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Young Ox

Update........Fri Aug 22nd 2.20pm
photo's page 3

I'll be jamming tonight with Mark 'young ox' Tinker tonight at NewPortRicheyFlorida-boulevard lounge 9.30 -12.
Expect some WHO of course !
To those of you that can't make it, I'll see in the UK Nov 12th-30th.

Heres the twist......Mark is playing guitar !!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

BAD CO. 08.08.08

W/Simon Kirke backstage
at the hard rock

w/Mick Ralphs
talking to Simon boot Newcastle
'the voice'

This space is usually reserved for.......

........ramblings about The Wholigans, but not today
updated w/photolink aug 12th 12.45am
Updated Aug 14th (new video)

Sample meanderings and a religous experience take precedence, as this past weekend saw me side by side (literally) with rock luminaries such as Bad Co...Jack Bruce ...Badfinger..Eric Burdon and the list goes on.
I was really fortunate to have AAA /VIP backstagepasses for both shows .

The opening song...Bad Co (Mute slide video at the bottom of the blog first)

My brain is full and I might as well empty it before mother nature and father time do it for me.


Rock gods and little ole me

08.08.08 ..........AT... 8pm I was one of the lucky ones in Hollywood Florida to witness the second coming of a rock saviour (in my own particular version of rock n roll heaven)

The one they call ' The Voice'
I hear you cry !!!
Who the hell is the voice ? ,

NO it's not that crazy little bastard that sits inside my head and spews bile
(lovely visual I know :)

But 'The Voice' I refer to is none other than the singing god that has graced this planets stages around the world in the 60's 70's 80's 90's and now in the2000's.

I refer to the man who could sing the phone book to me and I would listen intently A to Z.

He turned a simple riff and two words nearly 40 years ago into a rock song phenomenon that every musician has at one time in their life has played on guitar or uttered those magic words.....ALRIGHT NOW.

He has taken us to the bottom of a whiskey bottle and to the dispairs of a broken romance with good lovin gone bad and to a silver blue and gold rainbow in the sky.

The book I 'could' write endlesssly on a man and his music that has (and continues to do) would be an neverending story , and would have you tired out from riding the emotional rollercoaster that the music that has been (at least for me) , an integral part of my life.

How can a man so loved ,not be a household name is beyond me, yet most people on the earth are unaware of him and his music until you point out the obvious, that is that simple song & riff.

To me he is , and always will be a SINGERS SINGER.
He taught me how to sing (he doesn't know it) but he did.

Thanks Paul.

PAUL RODGERS.........'The Voice'
Bad Co. (with 'The Voice' )

Photo's of the weekend with yours truly and some Bad Co, more to follow.

Can't get enough .........courtesy of LucyPiller


Further tales (and photo's) of this past weekends brushes with rockgods coming up.
Bad Co....Jack Bruce...Eric Burdon...
and those who paved the way with peace love and understanding such as Jonathen Edwards(sunshine) came my way today
(listen to the track 'this island earth' ) latest cd

The Turtles

Badfinger (I think my wife is in love with you Joey) it's ok , I love you too after that fantastic show !!!
(btw...good choice of beer backstage (NBA ) and that's nowt te de wi basketball ! :)

Photo’s will appear here as if by magic soon enough , but let me have a coffee first !

The preceding memories were brought to you by 2 people that made it happen for me,
Lucy Piller
I owe you both an emotional debt I can hopefully repay someday .....thanks so much.

Godfrey Townsend ….guitarist to the gods from John Entwistle to Jack Bruce and everyone inbetween.
Godfrey himself is a talent that the worlds best musicians recognize and want him right by their side…..he’s THAT good !

for now....buggar off I'll see you in a bit ;)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Songs around the campfire

OZ...some bum off the streets and Trish

Friday July 11th we were invited........
(we being the band I sang with in L.A called ' My Generation ' )
As I was saying, we were invited by two Who nuts that I've known for about 6-7 years now.
Oz n Trish who had rented a house and invited a group of various Who nuts from a WHO forum 'relayers'.
People flew in from all over the country (obviously not to see us or the party) but for VH1 Honours The Who on July 12th.
But like so many Who concerts there usually is a gathering of the clans, hence the Friday night party.

Here is a very relaxed (see drunk) well not drunk kiddies, we just need our medicine ;) version of 'A Quick One'

We then retired to the comforts of the interior of the house as apparently the loud obnoxious broo ha ha was spilling out into the streets (god forbid you wake up L.A people at 11.30 on a Fri night fer christs sake,

oh yeah I almost forgot, MUTE the slide video at the bottom of this page (mute is top left of slide photo)

I'll add more later, hafta run

The gig
The house party

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Off to L.A today :)

All the news that's fit to print will be here after the weekend.
I'm looking forward to meeting all The Who fans and having a bit a'medicine with you lot ;}

The Who should / will tear the house down on Saturday !!!!

Watch out L.A....WHO fans are coming !!!!!!!!

ps: Atlanta miller lite chili fest(Sept 08) changed their minds and didn't book us this year....why..I don't know.

Send them an email :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

GIg updates JULY 7th

The Wholigans 2min tv bio+ The Who

Mute SLIDE video at bottom of blog first (mute top left corner of SLIDE photo)
N' this video is heah fah nee good reason ahll like .but ah I can dee wut ah want ye knaa, sssssmybloodyblog so bugga off ;)
c'mon !
London....Nov 19th + UK updates 12th-30th (tour extended)

Meanwhile back at the ranch.......

VH1 rock honours The Who on July 12th , but if you need another Who fix after the VH1 gig, I'll be in L.A for 1 night with 'My Generation'

at this club

with this band
Mike Bisch on bass
Darren Lolk (current wholigan guitarist)
Rolly Devore (drums) complete with pictures of lily drumkit.

Clips from a show in 2006 in San Francisco
(Mute slide video at the bottom of the blog first)

Love reign o’er me

Baba O’riley

My Generation

Happy Jack

A 2 hour show starting at 10.30ish.
This will be my 3rd L.A trip with these guys.
Expect a lot of Who you don't hear with The Wholigans including post Moon era. better you bet
Anybody interested ?
I hope that many of you are planning on coming out after the concert!

I have no idea how far it is from the VH1 thingy, but I believe it's close.
A lot of people are coming from WHO forums etc .

We'll go on as late as possible or as late as it takes to accomodate people that go to The Who.
I imagine it's going to be a willlllllllllllld night !


Updated UK dates
Toronto photo's,burlington and healeys
TV show 'The Spot' featuring The Wholigans 2005 (scroll to the right for more or just push play)
Mute The Wholigans '' player (above) before playing these video's
These video's will play back to back for at least 3 hours