Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Behind Blue Eyes

The Wholigans are part of a new book by
Anne Marie Klein

We even have Wholigans in the literary world ,and one such Wholigan is Anne Marie Klein who wrote a book entitled
'Behind Blue Eyes' .....part 1 'Love Reign O'er me'
The Wholigans are proud to be a part of this book, and we wish Anne continued success.

If you are a WHO fan (and you must be to have read this far)
                                            BUY THIS BOOK

Based on the song made famous by The Who, Behind Blue Eyes is a new series of rock and roll novels set in the music world of Toronto and London in the late 70s. The first book, Behind Blue Eyes: Love Reign O’er Me, is now available in paperback form from Lulu.com at this link: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/annemarieklein

The second novel, Behind Blue Eyes: Love Ain’t For Keeping, will be released through Lulu.com in April 2012, and e-books will soon be available for both books. Check back for further updates as we develop our e-books and Web site, behindblueeyes.ca in the near future.

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