Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here we go...... to the UK.Bright & early Wednesday.See you at the gigs :)

Woodstock Aug 15th


ps: just before I go ,I've uploaded 100+ photo's from the Woodstock gig Aug 15th, there are many similar but I won't have time to edit them until I get back from the UK.
The sunset ones are the best imo. (around the middle )

Monday, August 24, 2009

Toronto video + UK news

NEW Video from Toronto Aug 13th
Summertime blues
Amazing Journey/Sparks
Baba O’Riley
Won’t get fooled again

Dublin Sept 13thIRISH JACK will be on stage talking about his days with The Who, prior to our gig at the Academy.
Woodstock Aug 15th 2009 montage

No time to lose

Woodstock tribute Aug 15th
To borrow the words from a Geordie band called 'Lindisfarne' song , 'No time to lose'

I have to issue a blanket apology to everyone I haven't been in touch with since late July as I've seriously had 'no time to lose'

We played Toronto on the 31st, then I had to arrange our 2nd Toronto show Aug 13th, then Chicago Aug 14/15th & Vegas 16th-22nd and then the UK ,leaving Aug 26th till Sept 14th and add to that other foreign trips later this year.
I shouldn't complain, as it's what I like to do , rock n roll !!!!! :)
But I have been very lax in my communications, and give a huge thanks to all who have been very positive at the shows and for my birthday.

I don't have any photo's or video to share as of yet, but the thousands and thousands of fans at all the shows do, from the packed show at the 'sound academy' in Toronto and the eerily Woodstock similar crowd at the Chicago show Aug 15th, to the huge crowds in Vegas, it all has been insane !

If any of you that came to the shows are reading this ,if you would please email me any photo's or video...thanks.
If I don't reply for a while I apologise as it's a bit hectic around these parts right now, but it's all good.

The UK tour starts this week and I'm only home (in Florida) for couple of days, and trust me the laundry needs doing and the grass needs cutting and the garbage taken out......
ahhhhhhh the life of a 'part time "rockstar" ha ha ha ha lol ;)
It's about 75% sure we will be adding a date in London on Sept 5th and I will let you know when that is finalized.
I'll do my damndest to get back here asap, but for now it's time to walk the dog and feed the fish,cat and birds :\
OH.....and I better find time to talk to missus Wholigan as well, or I'll get in trouble :
ps: the photo's above are courtesy of Alan Kaye (a Joe Cocker tribute who played with us at the Chicago Woodstock gig and in Las Vegas)
ps to the ps:
Expect some even Bigger shows worldwide coming up, and also a big big thanks to our friend Matt who sings in a Bruce Springsteen tribute called 'BruceintheUSA' who helped us in Vegas and whom we are in the planning stages of doing many shows together .
Go see him on his upcoming UK tour and say HI from Barry.
Thankyou thankyou thankyou to all the 'Wholigans' we met in the last month, you were great and we hope to meet up again real soon !
'Turn everything louder than everything else!'
btw.....115 degrees in Vegas...wasswithat ?????? :

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Deep fried mars bars ?

I just got this from a promoter in Scotland........

"I will, of course, be making good Scottish breakfasts for you guys – square sausage, haggis, tattie scones, deep fried Mars bars etc etc etc all washed down with Johnnie Walker!!!!
We also have a good wee greasy spoon cafĂ© across the road – if you prefer a more standard ‘full English’!

I’m right beside a pub (or four), a chip shop, a curry house, an ice cream parlour, an excellent park plus two or three lap dancing clubs within taxi distance!!

Look forward to seeing you guys soon,

Looks like Scotland may have more than a few tales to tell !!!!! ;}

but first Toronto,Chicago and Vegas. :)

No time to pee !

So I caught your attention, but it's true I DON'T HAVE TIME TO PEE !
I've been So busy for months and months organising everything from gigs,cars,hotels,work permits,tax forms,flight after flight after flight after fucking flight!
I do not like this travel agent shit man !!!! all want to do is sing damnit!!!!!!!
You'd think after 27 years it would be swimming pools,fast ,loose women
sex drugs n rock nroll.......well let me tell you something.!
Only some of that is true (not sayin which part ;}

ah quit yer bitchin ....I here ya say...quit yer pissin and moaning you part time Roger good for nothing.,,,,,,,,

Maybe your right.......then again maybe not.

ANYWAY where were we ? :)
OH YEAH.....we'll see you in Toronto on Friday night :)

turn everything louder than everything else !



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thursday, August 06, 2009

TORONTO Aug 13th !!!!!!!!!!

*****Updates Aug 6th 11.30am*****

Venue Sound Academy

WOODSTOCK tribute show, with tributes to Hendrix (my mate Tony Springer) and CCR,Santana ,Janis,Joe Cocker,The Band and more.....
& of course THE WHO

Tickets only available by winning , enter online or 'listen live' to Q107
Heres a video from my birthday bash July 31st in Toronto featuring Wholigans drummer Paul Holman 1984-88, Mike Chessman (bass) and The Wholigans Canadian bassist since 86 Dave Smith.
Dave is on guitar here though , playing my favourite song he does 'Goin home' by Ten years after.
Collectively they are known as 'TheAveryStoneBand'
I'll have other video up with The Wholigans at 'the bash' up by next week..promise ;)

New-ish WHOLIGANS video from May 2008 (W/Dave on bass & DarrenLolk on guitar)
'Young man blues' at Jeff Healeys bar in Toronto.
This was the final show at Jeffs place due to his passing.
*note...his tribute concert was the same night as us at a bigger location.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

UK Tour....Newcastle date

New UK gigs

Sept 8th Newcastle ....Live on BBC Radio
Aug 31st Notts

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It's a start anyway

Part 1
First off ...
A HUGE THANKYOU to all who came, and sent cards and best wishes. I had a great time (probably a bit too much fun .... if you know what I mean ;) ;) *hic

Here's a poem /song Irish Jack wrote for me for my birthday , but unfortunately I did not get it in time for the party, although I did recieve phone calls about it on the night and saw many frantic emails upon my return to Florida from people trying to get in touch with me.

As I say 'I pulled a Roger' and was internet free for 5 days (on purpose) so I apologise to Jack and those trying to get a hold of me.

Anyway, here is Jacks letter.
As the resident poet laureate of Shepherd's Bush I have composed a poem / "song" to honour your 50th birthday.

I thought it might be fun if you either read it out to the multitude at your 50th bash or perhaps sang it unaccommpanied.
It is, of course, a fitting tribute to you and in the air of the Alan Price classic The Jarrow Song.

What might be great, though you probably wouldn't have enough time by the time you get this, would be to have copies printed out for some of your guests.....Here's the song / poem (Have a really great night)

Well, my name is Little Barry Quinn
I'm not much tall but I'm full of vim
And the wife say's
"Barry go to London town
And if The Who don't soil their underpants
Or grant an audition with half a chance
Then Barry, with my blessings burn them down...

'Come on you Daltrey boy
He'll fill your heart with joy
He's marching for your freedom now
'Come on you Bush-born lad
He'll make your heart feel glad
He's singing Tommy, Quadrophenia
and Anyhow

Well, my name is Little Barry Quinn
I've long blonde hair and my microphone spins
And the wife say's
"Barry go to London town
And if The Who don't wanna smash up gear
Or throw a guitar into the air
Then Barry, with my blessings burn them down

'Come on you Daltrey boy
Happy Jack say's I'm A Boy
He's marching for your freedom now
'Come on you Roger lad
He'll make your heart feel glad
He's singing Tommy, Quadrophenia
and Anyhow

Well, my name is Little Barry Quinn
Give me half a chance and I'll look like Him
Cos Daltrey is a hero of mine
I was born in July Nineteen Fifty Nine.....

(Irish Jack) -with apologies to Alan Price !

_______________ great is that ? to have dat young fella Jack of all people compose a writing as such for lil ole me :)
Thankyou Jack, lets share a pint or 2 ;) ;) in Ireland when we get over there next month.

On another note.... I'm still mulling over my own particular writings of the debauchery that passed for a birthday party last Friday.
So while I'm doing that, please take a look at some photo's of that night.

Monday, August 03, 2009

UGH !!!

Mon Aug 3rd 4.20pm
Just got back to hot hot hot Florida from Toronto a couple of hours ago.
Lemme sort through the 2 zillion emails I got while I purposely stayed off the electronic highway for 5 whole days!!

I've got loads of photo's and even some video (which I'm frightened to look at at !!!!)

Jack, I got your poem/song and I will reply pronto, right after I pour a cold one ;}

I'll will post/blog more tomorrow with all my thankyou's n stuff, but for's feet up .....and a cold beer and once more I'll take flight away from the world that lies beneath this screen.

See ya in the morning kids :)
(I can say that now that I'm 'offficially' an old fart !:)

Me with Dave (who's mug is on the shirts with my legs !!)
TV show 'The Spot' featuring The Wholigans 2005 (scroll to the right for more or just push play)
Mute The Wholigans '' player (above) before playing these video's
These video's will play back to back for at least 3 hours