Monday, August 24, 2009

No time to lose

Woodstock tribute Aug 15th
To borrow the words from a Geordie band called 'Lindisfarne' song , 'No time to lose'

I have to issue a blanket apology to everyone I haven't been in touch with since late July as I've seriously had 'no time to lose'

We played Toronto on the 31st, then I had to arrange our 2nd Toronto show Aug 13th, then Chicago Aug 14/15th & Vegas 16th-22nd and then the UK ,leaving Aug 26th till Sept 14th and add to that other foreign trips later this year.
I shouldn't complain, as it's what I like to do , rock n roll !!!!! :)
But I have been very lax in my communications, and give a huge thanks to all who have been very positive at the shows and for my birthday.

I don't have any photo's or video to share as of yet, but the thousands and thousands of fans at all the shows do, from the packed show at the 'sound academy' in Toronto and the eerily Woodstock similar crowd at the Chicago show Aug 15th, to the huge crowds in Vegas, it all has been insane !

If any of you that came to the shows are reading this ,if you would please email me any photo's or video...thanks.
If I don't reply for a while I apologise as it's a bit hectic around these parts right now, but it's all good.

The UK tour starts this week and I'm only home (in Florida) for couple of days, and trust me the laundry needs doing and the grass needs cutting and the garbage taken out......
ahhhhhhh the life of a 'part time "rockstar" ha ha ha ha lol ;)
It's about 75% sure we will be adding a date in London on Sept 5th and I will let you know when that is finalized.
I'll do my damndest to get back here asap, but for now it's time to walk the dog and feed the fish,cat and birds :\
OH.....and I better find time to talk to missus Wholigan as well, or I'll get in trouble :
ps: the photo's above are courtesy of Alan Kaye (a Joe Cocker tribute who played with us at the Chicago Woodstock gig and in Las Vegas)
ps to the ps:
Expect some even Bigger shows worldwide coming up, and also a big big thanks to our friend Matt who sings in a Bruce Springsteen tribute called 'BruceintheUSA' who helped us in Vegas and whom we are in the planning stages of doing many shows together .
Go see him on his upcoming UK tour and say HI from Barry.
Thankyou thankyou thankyou to all the 'Wholigans' we met in the last month, you were great and we hope to meet up again real soon !
'Turn everything louder than everything else!'
btw.....115 degrees in Vegas...wasswithat ?????? :

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Anonymous said...

The trials & tribs of living in Western Massachusetts! :-|

I would LOVE to have seen the Toronto Woodstock tribute, as I love the Who and have a strong attachment to Woodstock. Think I've mentioned a plethora of times that my mother thinks I died at Woodstock and came back as someone else!

Have fun in the UK and abroad the next coming months. Miss ya!


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