Sunday, November 27, 2005

Nothing to say,Nothing to hear & Nothing to see

Sunday morning, buggar all to say really cept lovely weather we're having..
Hang on.... I just turned my brain on, give it a minute to start up.
AH...that's better, now where were we ?..oh yeah

Watched The Who get inducted to the UK hall of fame last night on VH1.
A word to the wise Pete...sonna.......lose the handbag, good god what were you thinking!
Apart from that Mr.T was his relaxed self and looked good (apart from the handbag)
Roger's comment about being "otherwise employed" was a good one, I don't know if that was a dig or what.

The Who deserve to be there along with The Kinks and Black Sabbath and Bob Dylan, but as much as I like Annie Lennox (have seen her twice) I thought that it was a bit too early for The Eurythmics to be inducted especially alongside such greats as The Who and The Kinks.
The individual catalogues of The Who ,Kinks and Bob severely outweigh the pop throbbing of 80's electronica Eurythmics.Good band n'all, it just was bad timing if you ask me. It was kind of like having ABBA open for The Who, it just doesn't work.
Then again Who am I to criticize ?
Then again I'm a fan, surely my vote counts for something.

I told you I didn't have much to say ;)

::turns brain off .....: whrrrrrr*click*


Friday, November 25, 2005

Hmmmm..... where to start ?

9.35 am Friday November 25th

1st day as a blogger, it's good I suppose as it allows me to keep Whofans and fans of The Wholigans up to date instead of writing a diary every few months on the site.
As you may have noticed I've been completely lazy in that respect. much has happened this year that I'll just have to recall it bit by bit over time, but for now lets just deal with the now.
We were supposed to play Singapore Jan 21st but apparently there was lots of interest to have us play more than just one show, so that was cancelled and now the powers that be are looking to do a tour of Singapore,Maylasia,Taiwan,Thailand around May 2006.
We are hoping to tag on some dates in Australlia and maybe Japan & Korea.

In April we are headed to the UK for a couple of weeks starting April 1st at The Who convention put on entirely by Who fans with their own money and their own bravado, this convention is put on by the fans for the fans.
Ron Dovey is the main organizer along with various other people,but without Ron none of this would happen, he also put on the 2003 convention which we also played.

The Wholigans are having a quiet November/December on purpose as it's such a busy time family wise for everyone.
2006 though is a different story, there is soooooo much in the works.

I look forward to blabbing on here, hopefully the southern comfort posts at Friday at midnight won't offend too many of you, but to those of you who know me from relayers and theshout know I speak my mind.
So readers of this blog beware , you may not like everything you read ;)

' I'm a substitute for another guy'
Barry ...Who's still trying to figure out how to blog and edit etc etc....lord I'm old :(


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