Thursday, February 16, 2006

On top of the world ma...on top of the world.

Feeling pretty good today, the gigs seem to be coming out of nowhere and all at the same time.
Theres a couple I can't put to press just yet but it's looking very good. March/April/May is going to be way busier than expected for the band and all pretty high profile gigs with the biggest profile gig of them all being The Who convention in London.
The convention has officially been sold out, so it should be a great day.

Sorry to hear that 'Who's Next uk' cannot play the convention because of an injury to the drummer,I know they were looking forward to the day.
'Who's Who' appear to a good 'substitute' for Who fans coming to the show, I'm looking forward to watching them and of course Casbah Club.

The Wholigans drummer Darren will be playing with 'Who's Next ' USA March 16th and 18th in New York City and possibly/more than likely he will be playing a Wholigans gig on the 17th in Florida , the dear boy certainly will be kept busy !
In related news, a great friend of the band Bill Canell (Pete) from 'Who's Next' USA will be finishing the UK tour with us from April 3rd on as Chris Bacon has to get back to Florida as he's moving house and the date can't be changed.
See Bill here
I just got off the phone with Bill and he can't wait to play and he's also pushng me to play some obscure who songs which The Wholigans don't play, so I guess I better start practising !

On a personal note, healthwise 2005/06 has been really shitty but the futures so bright I gotta wear shades.
(too many details I won't bore you with)

A note to the weatherman at the BBC, could you please order up some warm weather for April as I'm spoilt here in Florida.
It looks like we are not playing my hometown of Newcastle at which I'm really dissapointed at (see:really pissed off ! )
I have no idea why not....oh well :(

I'm looking forward to playing for all the UK Who fans and sharing a few pints and hopefully not sleeping in a Soho doorway ; }



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