Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas & Happy Hogmanay

That time of year again, whatever happened to 2005 it flew by so fast!
It's been a year+ since my initial back surgery and I'm still dealing with minor day surgery's as recently as last week.
Hopefully all will be well soon.

I'm headed out christmas shopping today for the missus, which is pretty good for me as it's usually christmas eve when I do that.
Can't say I've been a good boy this year but hopefully santa will be good to me ;)

As the title of this blog says , Merry Christmas & Happy Hogmanay, Hogmanay for those of you don't know is new years eve and is basically a Scottish tradition which I grew up with as my dad was from Motherwell Glasgow as were most of my relatives on my dads side. My dad died on christmas day a few years ago, I miss him as I do my mum but I know they are both proud of my accomplishments.
Anyway, you can read up on Hogmanay here

Not much going on in Wholigan world until the UK tour , but usually right after new years the phone starts ringing for gigs.
Unfortunately our webmistress who ran our site seems to have taken permanent leave ,so we are seeking a replacement.There are a couple of things on the site which need fixing such as the Jan 21st Singapore show which has been cancelled and the uk dates need to be updated , but you can find the list of dates and updates on tributecity.

We can't wait until the UK tour + I get to nosh on a good english breakfast of bacon,eggs,sausage,beans,black pudding etc and probably(more than likely) a pint of good ale to wash it down ;}
and of course the after show party's with you lot !

I hope everybody shows up early to the convention as there is a great uk Who tribute playing in the afternoon called 'Who's Next' + all kinds of *special guests* throughout the day :)
Many thanks to our UK agents who put this tour together.
Scroll down to see their review of us.
Big thanks go out to Ron Dovey for putting the convention on out of his own pocket, and for having us back again since the last convention in 2003 which was phenominal.

It's supposed to be 71 degrees here in Florida on christmas day, which is cold if you're used to living here but I know is hot to most of you.
Having grown up in Newcastle then living in Canada I know what snow is all about and I don't miss it one bit!!!!!

As of today we don't have a gig in Newcastle but I hope that will change in the coming weeks, either way it will be a canny tour and we can't wait to " turn everything louder than everything else"

Thanks also to all of you Wholigans that came out to see us in 05, we appreciate everyone of you, and big thanks to the inspiration of the band that moves us all.......THE WHO

Until 2006 Wholigans.....HAPPY WHOLIDAYS !!!



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