Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chest relief

...(a weight off )

A big thank you to those of you that sent me get well cards recently, you made me smile :)
and also everybody who called over the last 3 weeks.
Now.....that said.

I'm chomping at the bit to sing right now but I have to do what I have to do , and that means physio,walking,more physio more walking etc etc
It's not too bad to be honest.
I'm on quite the health trip ,I amaze myself sometimes.
Not a whole lot to say otherwise , it's a case of 'Hurry up & wait'.

OK...SO......I'm working on a bazillion gigs for next year, which also happens to be a 'hurry up and wait' deal as our agents don't seem to be in any kind of hurry.

It's funny no matter how hard I throw my passion for playing The Who's music out there, agents and venues still have a blase attitude towards The Who, kinda throwing them in the has been bin or placing them secondary behind the Stones//Zepp/Beatles/Floyd etc.

It's been that way forever, it gets old , but I'd rather play for a dozen rabid Who fans than thousands of sheep any other day.

Who fans are a passionate bunch like no other and the music takes no prisoners, why oh why can't the bookers see that ?

Most agents/venues are content booking 4-5 crappy " tributes" to an aforementioned big name act (who play a dozen or so songs without knowing shit about the nuances and the intricacies it takes or how to feel it ,or knowing where the music came from and how/why it was created) vs one who actually embodies the music and is passionate and has been for 25 years !.

Anyone can dress the part and play the song, but only a certain few can feel it and be it.
I could do a zepp or some other tribute tomorrow and make tons of money
(not that I don't like Zepp.. I DO), but the emotion factor wouldn't be there.
The audience can spot a fake a mile away, yeah the songs by these other bands are great but if the performer doesn't do it justice by being all they can be , then what's the point ?
I guess it drives me nuts when I see top 40 bands add the word 'tribute' to their moniker and hope to cash in on the backs of hard working tributes like The Wholigans,The Blushing Brides and 1964 who have earned their right to rightfully be called 'a tribute'

When it all ends, all I can say is I did my best and fuck the rest,I KNOW where my heart lies, it's a shame bookers don't book with their heart, instead of a lust for the almighty $$$.

Where this rant came from I don't know, maybe I have too much time on my hands :\

We'll see you next year if I can wake the booking world up to what real music is ,and bands with heart, enough of these posers for a paycheck bullshit !

If you only knew how much money this band has lost/not made over the years your brain would explode !
We are definetly not in it for the money...WHAT MONEY ?!

So say "why do it ? "
and I say to you ....Listen to the music and then hit the stage just one time and perform it for just one person who 'get's it' and you'll know why we do it.

Rock is dead they say.........................LONG LIVE ROCK !
* pops lorezepam ; \*

ps:On an unrelated note.
This is a rockin site , I've been listening to old Thin Lizzy and Robin Trower concerts
(and of course The Who) check it out
(I am in no way connected to the site, it's just a cool place!)

Currently listening to Rush 1984 Maple Leaf Gardens YYZ.
I searched for Lindisfarne(geordies),Status Quo , FREE and Bad Co and Queen (a big omission if you ask me !)
and some Canadian bands like 'a foot in cold water ' and Max Webster & Kim Mitchell but came up empty :( ..
(anybody know where I can find these ?)
but overall the site is great.

OH ! I got tickets to see Robin Trower Jan 19th, the man is absolutely awesome,I've seen him many times before but it never gets old, I'm so excited ! :)
I'm too rolling stoned !!!!! this is brilliant !
Original deal from 1973. (part 1 of 3)

Some Wholigans playing Tommy in Germany.

PS to the PS:
I'm trying my damndest to get back to Canada and the UK next year, so if you would like to see us .........please tell/mail/call your local venue and tell them about us and send them our websites.
It all starts with one knock on the door.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm still alive

Germany 2007

Just popped in to let you know I'm still alive .

I only get on the computer about twice a day for just a short while (about 10 minutes or so), so I try and use my time wisely.

I'll natter on a bit tomorrow or Tuesday. :)

dear shouters ,I'll see you asap ,promise.(or maybe that's a threat .....who knows ;)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Hang on a minute.

I'm getting a little bit of computer sit down time and I figured with my new found health I'd start anew with the blog.
Problem is it will take a while (especially now where my time is limited) so give me a bit :\
Trying to figure out the new template etc etc.

Apart from that, things healthwise are so so right now, but I'm ahead of the curve, just not doing the speed limit ...yet. :)

The stitches come out next week, and hopefully I can drive soon.

ta-ra fa now .

Whey-aye ya bugga !

ps:I still can't figure out where to add video's except in posts, so here's a bunch of Tommy from Germany + you can access other related video's from it or see my links for all Wholigan video's on youtube from 1986 to 2007 (DAMN I'M OLD!!!!)
I don't seem to have video from 82-86, could be because the video camera wasn't invented (serious), either that or it was mega $$$$
The Wholigans on youtube 43+ video's ! (inc 3 new from Oct 07 in Germany)

I can't seem to embed it, so here's a link.........

3 pages of photo's now up at
More of mine coming, and I'm still waiting for some more from the guys.
Darren 1 & 2 and Dave......HELLO????????

Don't forget to watch the Kaiserkeller show ! :)
Sign in as

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A few words.

1 Week ago today........HELL ! ...........I cannot emphasize this word any stronger !
Today....Better....and each day is better than the day before, not major but better.
6" scar.
3 1/2 hour surgery.
Hospital prisoner....Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat !!!!!
Released Sat aft, should have stayed another day, to be honest :
Can't do diddly, not supposed to be on here.......but
Watching tv
1 pill (not strong enough though). ;\ , no booze.
Shit. (several conotations applied to the variance and terms of the word 'shit' )
Lost weight :)
Can't lift/drive/sit too long/walk too much etc etc etc yada yada yada blah blah blah

1week from now....who know's ;\

Hafta run ........ ha ha :)


TV show 'The Spot' featuring The Wholigans 2005 (scroll to the right for more or just push play)
Mute The Wholigans '' player (above) before playing these video's
These video's will play back to back for at least 3 hours