Thursday, April 26, 2007


This is one of the greatest bands that never quite made it, unless you grew up in the UK in the late 60's-70's.
Most of the world knows 'Alright Now' but couldn't name the band.
Alright Now (rare)'s a bit dodgy at the start quality wise but it gets better.
This is the 'clean' version before the pshycadelic version was made.

Here are a couple of classic Free songs, 'Mr.Big' being my ultimate favourite, but check out some other video's on youtube.
‘ FREE ' video’s .....Fire & Water

The Stealer

A brilliant version of 'Mr big'

Another great performance of 'Mr.Big'

Paul Rodgers imo is the greatest singer in the world and has earned the nickname 'The Voice'

Paul Kossoff on guitar put's so much feeling into one note on guitar than many others can't put into one song.

Simon Kirke on drums is no Keith Moon nor needs or wants to be, but he is solid solid solid SOLID!

Andy Frazier on bass has such a cool style, and is more of a lead guitarist on bass imo

Free are no longer around and Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke formed another great band called Bad Company with Boz Burrell rip and Mick Ralphs.
I've seen them tons of times and was lucky enough to be front row centre on my 40th birthday 8 years ago (come July) courtesy of my wife :)
Also on that night they had cameras preshow interviewing people and I talked and sang a snippet of 'seagull' ...although out of tune, Rodgers I am not!!!!

The next night Bad Co showed the interviews on large screens either side of the stage and I had people I knew at that concert who did not know, and must have got quite the shock to see my ugly mug 20 feet tall on the screen !
Anyways I'm rambling, enjoy the video's.
A big thankyou goes out to my sister who weened me on great music like this , whodathunk ;\

Monday, April 16, 2007

Canadian dates , moved to November

According to our agent there wasn't enough interest from venues for The Wholigans to tour for 2 weeks in Canada, or should I say not enough confirmations came in before the deadline
So therefore we had to cancel Healeys in Toronto April 27th and others.

I apologise to all of you waiting to see the band , but you have NO IDEA how upset I am.
I can't really write here what I want to write as biting the hand that sometimes feeds you is not wise in this buisness. (but I guess I already did...oh well ;(

I'm just so exasperated and mentally drained and financially out of focus that it's all I can do not to up and quit this whole damn thing, but I won't ...don't worry.
Barry's bite is as big as his bark and this dog is hungry !

UPDATE>>>> I've been told that dates are being looked at for November

here's another larrf :)
Pommy can you hear me

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Me singing with my mates "Highway to Hell' an AC/DCtribute band at GATORS on treasure island.

March 24th gig Chasco Fiesta NewPort Richeyun-official-ish Photo:Kirk Mason

I feel like I've been running around naked for months and months with no contact with the outside world.
You see, my first computer bought in Dec 1999 (I believe..I could be wrong it was so long ago) anyway, it was soooooo slow and I refused to fall for the manufactures ploy and the undeniable pressure from 'the jones's' to keep up and buy the latest gadgets and new computers.

Well, it got to a point about a month ago (somewhere around there) where it was running so bad I had no choice but to get a new one.
Now, I really didn't want to go to bestbuy and deal with the kids there who sell everything from Godsmack cd's to computers and who basically know more about godsmack than the computers !
So I end up calling Dell and was walked through the process with babysteps as I really am an old fart when it comes to technology, and to be honest with you it's quite intimidating...but I manage.

So I get the dell xps,windows vista with all the bells and whistles , 19"flat screen etc etc
Man oh man this sucker does everything but make you breakfast (and it may even do that I don't know!)
One problem......I'm the one who has to figure it out ;\ .... aye- ya- aye

Long story short, I've been naked for months and disconnected to the outside world because of this, but I am finally immersing myself back into the technical waters of which I'm nervous about swimming in, but I seem to be floating and will eventually be surfing with the rest of you.

On another note, now that I have access to update shows on our website I'll just be posting them there and not here.
The new site is so so at the moment with a lot to be fixed up and to be honest I'm having real bad luck with webmasters.
I can't seem to find one who is as good as they say they are and who keep the site up, it's very frustrating, so bear with me ;(

The year is not panning out as fruitfull as I had wanted it to, and what gigs we do play have ended up being a lot of hard work and financially abismal.
I mean I love playing ,but it's getting to the point where I'm tired of the stress leading up to the 2 hours of pleasure playing live.
I don't know maybe this year will be my last, I'm leaning that way, but you never know.

On a happier note , the last gig with Foghat was a great one playing for thousands of people.
I have video and photo's, which as soon as I can figure out this damn computer I'll post them.

If you can't see this video, go here>>>>>

We'll be in Canada April 26th/27/28 ...and Atlanta on the 29th for a big outdoor show
then back to Canada for a bit, and finishing May 10th there and on the 11th back in Florida headlining an outdoor show at the Toronto blue jays spring training baseball stadium in Dunedin Florida where our dressing room is the jay's locker room, how funny is that ! :)
Apparently the stage is set up over the 2nd base..............PLAY BALL!


I nearly forgot, I saw The Who in Tampa not long ago.(March 25th I think)
It was good,not great, but good enough, I enjoyed it.
They cancelled the show a week or two prior which I wasn't very happy about ,to be honest I was fucking mad !
But they made up for it.

I think that possibly this was the last time I will go see The2 (oops;) as it cost me a lot of time money and energy, and I'd rather put my energy (& money) into something a little less hard work and more enjoyable stresswise.
Don't get me wrong , I enjoyed it but I actually had more fun the next night going down to a club called Jannus Landing about 10 minutes from my house, and we saw an excellent band from Australlia called JET.
They were fantastic , and they had so much energy that it poured out into me and I danced my ass off all night down at the front of this 1000 capacity outdoor venue.
Great band !

Also I went out last night and saw my mates in an AC/DC tribute band and I got up and sang 'Highway to Hell' and also got up and butchered 'whole lotta rosie' , but hey everybody seemed to like it and apparently so did I , or at least so I was told when awoke today in a stench of last nights liquor still clinging to my tequila soaked throat ;} (see photo's at the top of this page)

Rock n roll is so much fun ,I don't how I'd live without it :)

Here, have a laugh
The Wholigans 2045....talkin bout my generation



TV show 'The Spot' featuring The Wholigans 2005 (scroll to the right for more or just push play)
Mute The Wholigans '' player (above) before playing these video's
These video's will play back to back for at least 3 hours