Thursday, April 26, 2007


This is one of the greatest bands that never quite made it, unless you grew up in the UK in the late 60's-70's.
Most of the world knows 'Alright Now' but couldn't name the band.
Alright Now (rare)'s a bit dodgy at the start quality wise but it gets better.
This is the 'clean' version before the pshycadelic version was made.

Here are a couple of classic Free songs, 'Mr.Big' being my ultimate favourite, but check out some other video's on youtube.
‘ FREE ' video’s .....Fire & Water

The Stealer

A brilliant version of 'Mr big'

Another great performance of 'Mr.Big'

Paul Rodgers imo is the greatest singer in the world and has earned the nickname 'The Voice'

Paul Kossoff on guitar put's so much feeling into one note on guitar than many others can't put into one song.

Simon Kirke on drums is no Keith Moon nor needs or wants to be, but he is solid solid solid SOLID!

Andy Frazier on bass has such a cool style, and is more of a lead guitarist on bass imo

Free are no longer around and Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke formed another great band called Bad Company with Boz Burrell rip and Mick Ralphs.
I've seen them tons of times and was lucky enough to be front row centre on my 40th birthday 8 years ago (come July) courtesy of my wife :)
Also on that night they had cameras preshow interviewing people and I talked and sang a snippet of 'seagull' ...although out of tune, Rodgers I am not!!!!

The next night Bad Co showed the interviews on large screens either side of the stage and I had people I knew at that concert who did not know, and must have got quite the shock to see my ugly mug 20 feet tall on the screen !
Anyways I'm rambling, enjoy the video's.
A big thankyou goes out to my sister who weened me on great music like this , whodathunk ;\

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