Friday, August 27, 2010

WHO WHO & more WHOligans

If you want to see all 136 video's of The Wholigans back to back watch here
(mute the player at the left of the page first)

or visit here to see the list.

I've added 2 video's to youtube lately, one has been up for years but youtube somehow distorted the video I re did it, it's the 2003 WHO convention 'My Generation' complete with the smashing of the gear......(it never gets old! :)
Also 'Pinball Wizard' from Lowry pk in Tampa.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wholigan WHistOry


click on 'Our Story'....beneath that you will see a link that say's Wholigan WHistOry
There you will see a collection of Wholigans memoribillia from the early 80's and eventually throughout the years.
I will be adding to this as time goes by.

Over the years I have collected every poster,newspaper clipping,reviews, photo's etc...YOU NAME IT !
My house is full of this 'crap' and is in a million storage boxes (no kidding)
I figure I might as well do something with it ,apart from let it get mouldy in the Florida air, so here you go !

*NEW design T-Shirts coming soon in September !
The Wholigans on Facebook

New British Inasion Show Postponed

Unfortunately the Sept 18th New British Inasion Show has been Postponed, but get this.....heres the reason.....wait for it.
Seems the baseball stadium people had forgotten to mention that new turf had been scheduled for the same time period !
Either that is the lamest excuse I've ever heard, or the craziest or maybe......hang on ......*sniff*.......what's that?.......*sniff*......BS ?
Naaaaaah couldn't be :\......could it ?

Unfortunately in this world I surround myself in, it's something I should be used to.
Good news is the show WILL go on next year, just not Sept 18th.
Shame really :
Ce'st la vie.

Tickets refunded at point of purchase,

Ah well........More rehearsal time for England Sept 28th.

Monday, August 09, 2010

To blog or not to blog.......

.....that is the question.
Whether tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of Facebook....or ?

Has 'the blog' gone the way of the Dodo ?

I am guilty of neglect, am I the only one ?
Do you blog ....should I ?

Twitter is too much work, myspace is passé, FB is nearing it's 15 minutes of fame.

Is anyone reading this ?
An afterthought 15 minutes later:

None of the above fucking matters does it ?

Life is not about the screen in front of us, it's about what's around us.

Gotta go , dinner smells good.
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