Wednesday, June 04, 2008

GIg updates JULY 7th

The Wholigans 2min tv bio+ The Who

Mute SLIDE video at bottom of blog first (mute top left corner of SLIDE photo)
N' this video is heah fah nee good reason ahll like .but ah I can dee wut ah want ye knaa, sssssmybloodyblog so bugga off ;)
c'mon !
London....Nov 19th + UK updates 12th-30th (tour extended)

Meanwhile back at the ranch.......

VH1 rock honours The Who on July 12th , but if you need another Who fix after the VH1 gig, I'll be in L.A for 1 night with 'My Generation'

at this club

with this band
Mike Bisch on bass
Darren Lolk (current wholigan guitarist)
Rolly Devore (drums) complete with pictures of lily drumkit.

Clips from a show in 2006 in San Francisco
(Mute slide video at the bottom of the blog first)

Love reign o’er me

Baba O’riley

My Generation

Happy Jack

A 2 hour show starting at 10.30ish.
This will be my 3rd L.A trip with these guys.
Expect a lot of Who you don't hear with The Wholigans including post Moon era. better you bet
Anybody interested ?
I hope that many of you are planning on coming out after the concert!

I have no idea how far it is from the VH1 thingy, but I believe it's close.
A lot of people are coming from WHO forums etc .

We'll go on as late as possible or as late as it takes to accomodate people that go to The Who.
I imagine it's going to be a willlllllllllllld night !


Updated UK dates
Toronto photo's,burlington and healeys
TV show 'The Spot' featuring The Wholigans 2005 (scroll to the right for more or just push play)
Mute The Wholigans '' player (above) before playing these video's
These video's will play back to back for at least 3 hours