Thursday, October 01, 2009

Irish Jack and a drop of Guinness


At first when I found this video I was not too happy that someone had filmed us without our knowing.

While watching it for the first time I was waiting for the shoe to drop and someone to spout what really shouldn't be dirty public laundry.

Fortunately we were all on our good behaviour that day (or we were until the 5th pint or so ;)

The video was taken at Grogans pub just around the corner from 'the academy' in DUBLIN where we were playing that night.

We met prior to soundcheck many hours before showtime at midnight (we played till 2.30am+ or so)

The star of the video is Jack and it is only a brief glimpse into a tale that he weaves seamlessly & effortless as others just breathe it in.

The man is a walking book with twists and turns and tales that will keep you on the edge of your seat, hoping to capture the moment when he was 'there' and we hope to perchance catch a glimpse of a time and place we could only wish it were us at that moment.

Jack, you're a one of a kind my man.

Part 2
I do have a confession,although I have tasted guinness a sip or two previously,
but I had not actually drank a whole pint before, but what better place to lose my guinness virginity than in Dublin at 'Grogans' sitting with Irish Jack and his fellow Irishmen.

The first one went down waaaaay too easy,
followed by another,
and another
and another get the idea ;}

I will never be the same again as my Guinness virginity was broken not once, but several times whilst in Ireland.

You crazy bastards are indeed aptly titled because after a few pints of that ,it's enough to drive a man to drink (not that I need an excuse anyway)

But back to the video, I emailed Jack the video and asked his opinion on if it was alright to show and he replied.......


This is 6 minutes 46 seconds of pure unadulterated Guinness Genius ! Who in God's name had the termerity to point a lens in my direction? It is really very funny. I've played it twice and I love it. "

Irish Jack

So here ya go.

Guinness at Grogans pub in Dublin

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Anonymous said...

Hope to see Jack at one of Roger's gigs this fall!

BTW, love the Woodstock pic! :-)

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