Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Who,Who'sNext & The Wholigans,,,,,,,,

All in one night is enough Who for any Who fan to keel over in a drunken whostupour, but that is exactly what happened Sept 18th 2006.
I was in NYC staying at Bill's house (guitarist who's next) along with all of the other band members including The Wholigans own drummer Darren who was filling in for the evening.
It was kind of strange waking up and seeing another Roger across the kitchen in the form of Dave.
A lot of people think that there would be animosisty between who tribute bands but it's quite the opposite we all have a comradrie anongst the east/south/west coast bands. (rappers could learn a lesson)

I went to to the who's next rehearsal which was a little weird for me to watch and probably just the same for Dave, but we ended up at an irish pub to cap the night..

Next day I headed into the city and met up with tons of Wholigans inc actually too many to name but here goes:
Mike,Marc,Rob,Scott,Meg,Joyce,George ,hirbormort,Alan Mckendree,ratboy was noticably missing as was bjorn and majik (who showed the next day) there were many others whom I met at thestout which was an ok place to meet but too big & loud for me, I prefer the smaller intimate...molly wee's pubs(next time guy's?)

We head up to the gardens 90% of us without tickets, I bought with the help of Rob a $50 sidestage ticket and headed gleefully towards the entrance only to be turned back with the words 'it's a fake' echoing in my head...oh well.
So I bought a dirt cheap ticket of $20 to get in the door and walked in with Rob and we ended up in$250 seats 10th row up Petes side and a fantastic view.
I can't repeat the setlist forbatem except for the fact there was a lot of new stuff which I thought was great and I do think in fact ' WE'VE GOT A HIT !'

I've posted elsewhere that the closing song 'Tea &Theatre' was/is the most emotional song Pete has written and had the most emotion I've heard/seen come out of Roger.
Very VERY well done boys, it was excellent !

After the show I head to BBKings where who'snext were playing midnight till 2, it was a bit of a rough start for the lads but as the night wore on the pieces fell into place along with the additions of a steeelslide player for a few songs and also The OX'S guitarist Godfrey Townsend played a few songs , one of which I sang
'shakin all over ' with Stoney from the quadropheniacs(another who tribute) I also did 'substitute' with who's next.for the encore.

It was about 3.30-4am by the time we headed home and one of the lads in the van found out he had just become a proud papa that night (not my place to say who) so after that we all toasted with a beer (at home) then crashed immediatly as most of us had to to leave for the airport within a few hours.
Myself ,I was Who'd out and didn't care if I heard another Who song in my life, yet hear I am about to embark on a couple of gigs in Georgia 2 weeks later!!!!!!
One in Augusta where we are playing the entire live at leeds + others, then it's off to Stone mountain park in front of 15,000 people !!!!

My back is still very sore along with my legs, but once I'm on that stage I'll be superman, but when I walk off I'm sure the kryptonite will kick in.
How can you NOT get excited singing The Who for all those people:)



Sara said...

I missed you in New York. Sounds like I missed a great time at BB King's.

How've you been since your NYC trip?

Miss ya, hope to see you north or south soon!


Metalchick said...

Hi Barry,
Wow! I wish I had been there! Seeing two Roger's would've been quite a treat!
Have you heard about The Who channel on Sirius? It ROCKS! I'm listening to it online for free, unfortunately this is the last day, because the free trial only lasts three days.
I hope to see you guys someday.

Take care.

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