Thursday, September 14, 2006

Here we go again

As some of you know I had a major back operation a couple of years ago (you can read the story on our site 'dear diary'
What I didn't tell people just prior to this years convention in London in April , is that I had another back surgery , not as big as the first one but scary enough that it had possibilities that could have caused me never to walk again amongst many other problems, but anytime you enter that realm those possibilities exist. This all happened 2 weeks prior to the tour.

I just didn't want to let the who fans know and especially the tour promoters as it would have created a lot of problems.
Thankfully the procedure worked and I was able to do the tour but with help of many pain prescriptions.

Well since then the problems still persist and my daily activity is limited so that said I went to see my specialist and I'm going on the table Sept 25th for a 1/2 day mini surgery/procedure.
Everytime you have surgery, scar tissue is left in the body, and after having an MRI last week it was discovered that here is a lot of tissue pressing on my nerves causing a lot of lower back pain,down the right leg and into both feet.
So I'm having a new procedure done which works but is still not an automatic thing for doctors to go through yet, it's still fairly experimental.

What happens (the squeamish should not read on) but they cut a hole just above my anus
(about the size of a dime/sixpence) then they run a cathetar/or some kind of hose up through the lower hole in my tailbone and up into my spine.
From there they release enzymes into the area of the scar tissues, the enzymes slowly eat away the tissue.
I am going to have this done twice including the regular steroid shots over the next month or so.

OH....I forgot to mention that they keep me awake during this to make sure they don't screw up, why they do this is beyond me.
They do medicate ,but the fact they keep me awake sucks!
It hurts just thinking about it :(

If this does not work then they will put a small piece of metal transmitter inside my back which sends signals which confuses the brain ,I don't really want to go that far.......but.

I have been going nuts with the pain for years since the initial operation but never really told anybody just because.
My band members knew but I don't think knew the extent.

On stage I feell like a kid again, the adrenolin works wonders (they realy should investigate that) afterwards is a different story.
I'm no cripple so I'm not seeking sympathy as millions suffer the same deal, I just needed to get it off my chest.(or off my back so to speak)

The procedure on the 25th will not hinder my gig on the 29th, I'll have my buddy southern comfort with me ; }

Thanks for listening, and see you in NYC : )

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