Friday, September 15, 2006

Sore back ...what sore back ?..rock n roll will fix it !

OH MAN !!!!!!!
I am worn out from the Flogging Molly gig last night, I danced/pogoed/jigged my ass off all night and all on one count em one drink
They were fantastic and I bought the t-shirt.
I was obviously the oldest one there but I didn't give a damn, I went within 10 feet of the stage amongst the skins and the punks and the bodysurfers and sweated my butt off and had a smile on my face all night long

The place was in an outdoor courtyard holding 1200 people in a place called Jannus Landing in downtown St Petersburg.
If you like the pouges,the clash,elvis costello, the levellers,seven nations,great big sea ,celtic music in general and add punk attitude you get Flogging Molly
.If you get a chance to go to a live show GOOOOO!
You will have a blast.
Part of the fun for me was getting to look at all the real young people who had anticipation,excitement,and that look of a first time concert goer ,and the look in their eyes was incredible.I remember those days and still try to retain that magic and flogging molly did that for me last night.

I came home jumped in the shower,came out then cracked a beer and prepared to watch The Who on David Letterman , then promptly fell asleep
Thank god for DVD recorders.

Up next...Wolfmother Saturday at the same venue, then The Who Monday in NYC.
I hope my old bones (back) carry me through the next few days.

Thank god prohibition is long gone or I'd have to find alternatives to pain medication ;}

Music will keep you young ,people and will keep the kid inside of you alive, so keep rockin don't let ANYBODY tell you, you are too old.
Look at Pete or me for that matter, it works I tell ya !!!!!!

Rock your bloody arses off till you die !

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