Thursday, October 26, 2006

25 years !!!!!!

I just liked this photo, no other reason for posting it apart from that.

Updated Wednesday 8.40am Feb 27th

New gigs +

a new Wholigans website is up.

25th Anniversary
A Tribute to The Who since 82
2007 World Tour

The Wholigans celebrate 25 years of paying tribute to the greatest rock band in the world THE WHO .

March 24th go here and click on Saturday rock n roll tribute day

...New Port Richey Florida USA ,opening for FOGHAT

June 28th Suwanee GA

June 30th new location Knoxville Tenessee

September & October...UK + Germany

Some of the shows especially the Canadian gigs will feature the band playing one of the classic Who albums in their entirety , such as.....' WHO'S NEXT '..... 'LIVE AT LEEDS ' & 'TOMMY' + a selection of The Who's greatest hits .


.Ran across some old videos 86-ish-to-2003

.These video's are courtesy of Dave Smith former bassist for The Wholigans 86-ish-2003
These vids are from around then .

Recorded at 'rock n roll heaven' yonge & bloor Toronto Canada.

The guitarist is John Walsh (till 89?) haven't heard from him since,...John, where are you ?

Bass.Dave Smith
The drummer is Paul Holman , who I believe is still drumming in Toronto/Woodstock, who's mother makes great pickles :) ya Paul and Jenny and Mrs Holman for keeping the band from starving to death : )

ME..singing duh ;)

While I'm reminiscing, good memorys and thanks go out to....

Gerard Popma ..not in this video).,,,,,,(Pete wholigan 83-84ish-? )

Steve Mckenna (now living in Ottawa) Steves health is not the best and I wish him well, .that man knew his way around an alembic bass guitar, man he had 'the sound'

In the 80's our roadie Poo...(as in shit ..not as in bear....his words ....not mine) ..

"We can't afford this place" he shouted out as we entered this fancy restaurant in Novia Scotia or Newfoundland..can't remember..anyways. We were dressed like bums and probably (more than likely ) drunk.....we quickly left.


Jim 'nice hair' Popma (roadie) and 'Crazy Al ' soundman, expert "cigarette" roller and connoisseur of fine alcohol. ;}

One day I will attempt to list all of The Wholigans over the years as they were all invaluable to our story.

Video's ...all from 85-ish? (a couple of 03's thrown in)

Sister disco 85 ?

Hey how about that short hair and miami vice suit huh :) .......jeez!!!!

Eminence front 85 ?

Your's truly wailing on guitar.....yeah right ;)


Baba o'riley 86

Magic bus 86


Young man blues 86


The real me 2003 WHO convention London Astoria UK


My Generation..from Tom Wright opening photo exhibit in 2003 ,Tom was The Who's tour manager and is a friend of Petes and a celebrated rock photographer (see our links page on our site + our photo's section)

update Feb 2nd

more 80's stuff

Pinball Wizard/see me feel me/listening to you


OH !...btw heres some video from the 2006 WHO convention in London, scroll to the bottom of the blog.

A few dodgy bits here and there, alright A LOT of dodgy bits , but it can't all be good right ;)


Thanks to all of you who have sent me best wishes re: my back.

I AM ready to rock n roll, as adrenaline is my only cure all fix, so that goes to show you the power of the Who's music and their fans really "HAVE THE POWER TO HEAL YOU.....NEVER FEAR !"......'Tommy'

That said ....lose yourself in the Who tour that is now and when that is said and done and you still need a WHO fix , come see us .

WE WILL WELCOME YOU TO THE CAMP as I hope you welcome us.




Sara said...

Perhaps you'll finally come up my way!

Metalchick said...

Hi Barry,
Happy Belated Anniversary!

How are you?

I finally got to see Pete Townshend and Rachel Fuller. I almost met Pete! I got as close as 1/2 a foot from behind him.

See my new posts for more on this.

Barry said...

Sara, we will try to get up your way .

a 1/2 foot huh ?
So close to the man who created so many rock anthems and musical greatness :)

Metalchick said...

Hi Barry,
Hope you have a Happy Holidays and a Rockin' New Year!

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Barry,
Nice to hear from you! I hope we can see you in the Toronto area soon!

Here's also hoping you're doing well!

Anne-Marie said...

Your blog says "what's a book?" under favourite books and you're giving out to me about not being able to access BBE? ;)

Seriously, I have made it reader-only because I am aggessively pursuing an agent and they don't generally like your work to be out there for free on the net. Send me your new boggler email and I'll send you an invite to read. There are a few readers already, but you need a new blogger account. Honest, it's not to keep you away. Alright?

And you are still in it, yessiree.

Barry said...

I only "read" books with a 'fleshy' nature shall we say ;}

But your book, considering it's content did heighten my interest.

ps:what's a "boggler" ? ;)

Anne-Marie said...

Hey, there are fleshy bits in my book. If you want to go right to them, I can bookmark them for you. ;)

In order to receive the invitation to these "reader only" blogs, you need to have updated your blog to the new blogger; then you send me the email with which you sign on to the new blog, and I send you an invite to join that blog as a reader.

I've made it closed just to protect my copyright from strangers and let agents know I am not publishing it freely all over the net. That's all. You're more than welcome to read it.

Anonymous said...


TV show 'The Spot' featuring The Wholigans 2005 (scroll to the right for more or just push play)
Mute The Wholigans '' player (above) before playing these video's
These video's will play back to back for at least 3 hours