Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I heard the news today, oh boy.

Today was the day the world started to change, and not the 'change' that was previously 'hoped' for.
I heard news today that made me question everything & everyone.
I knew this day was coming, & I hoped this day would come & although it made me happy, it also saddened me that there ‘maybe’ no hope at all.
I do however pray that good will eventually come out of all this.

Yes…… this message is very cryptic, but to be honest I don’t think I could encapsulate everything I heard today into ‘one’ post.
Watch ALL the news, not just left or right, but both sides and enlighten yourself.

If your political "savvy" comes from entertainment shows, then you have NO idea of what I’m talking about .
But if you actually pay attention, you will know that the world as we knew (not know) is long gone and is buried in the abyss, which saddens me no end.
What we accept as ‘the norm’ these days, is NOT normal, I REFUSE to accept today’s ‘norm’, be it morals and/or the language of what is acceptable.

Behind my mirror stands a 1950’s Jimmy Stewart , and I do not like what we/I have let dramatically change ourselves for the worse.
I actually am embarrassed ,what I/we have accepted as ‘norm’ but I am changing, and hope others will follow (although that ‘hope’ is tangible)

‘The world As we Know’ is ALSO on  the edge of dramatic change, and is Biblical in proportion, and once again FAR too complex to put into 1 post.

All I can tell you is ‘Pay Attention’, DO MORE than just ‘get through’ another day and close your eyes to what is going on around you.
We (as in the human race) need to treat others as how you would like to be treated.
Be civil,
Be courteous,
Be informed,
Be accountable.
Tell the truth, because you ‘Are and Will ‘ be  judged by & for your actions , just because you repeat the lie, does not make it true.
We all are being judged and all will eventually ‘pay the piper’ (look it up)

I ‘Have To’ go , because my brain is exploding.
Perhaps I think too much……..perhaps not enough.

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