Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wholigan books

Somehow and someway The Wholigans have found themselves written into 2 books in the last few years, which is really really cool and unexpected, but we're not complaining.

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A Toronto Wholigan Anne Marie Klein has written a novel entitled
‘Behind Blue Eyes’…part one ‘Love Reign O’er Me’
The Wholigans are very happy to be  a part of this book.
This scene takes place in the 70's in a bar downtown Toronto that we actually played called DJ’s  (you can see the ticket
DJ’s is long  gone though.
Here's parts of the book.........

“How’s it going Sarah?” he asked as she put her hand forward to be stamped.
“Great you?” She watched Ian pay the cover charge.
“Same old, same old” he said “I gotta warn you, it’s packed in there, and at least a hundred degrees”
“Thanks for the heads up” She turned back one last time.”Who’s playing tonight? “
“The Wholigans” he said “and they sound great.”


….they returned to their seats and continued to talk until the performance began. The top- billed band, The Wholigans, as their name suggested, were a tribute group covering songs by The Who. Ian enjoyed listening and watching the band, his head filling with his own ideas and possibilities for the future. When the set ended, the crowd clapped and cheered appreciatively and people finished their last drink before heading towards the exit.


Here's the other book (we are proud to be mentioned several times) by Tom Wright close friend of Pete's.

“Had I not met Tom Wright” Townshend muses in his foreward to Wrights first book ‘Roadwork-Rock & Roll Turned Inside Out’ “The Who would never have become successful”
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“If it weren’t for Tom, we wouldn’t have The Who. True story. Ask Pete Townshend,It is there in black and white.”

 We played at the opening of Tom's photography exhibit in Traverse Michigan (a 3 song set) to commemorate the first 3 songs The Who ever played in the USA for Tom.
Here is 'My Generation' at the Dennos Museum

and here's the aftershow gig at 'Streeters' where we played 'Run Run Run' for only the 2nd time in our lives, the first time was at the first show for Tom during rehearsal and we SUCKED and Tom said to us "Can play something you know?"   OUCH ! we did.
So here it is.

                                       Wholiganism 101 515
        Once a Wholigan, Always a Wholigan


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