Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009 UK tour......NEWCASTLE ......not on ?????

2008 The Carling Academy..................not full enough ???????
This photo was taken at last years gig at the academy.

Newcastle Opera house 2003

July 17th* UK Show updates at bottom of this blog

As you may know I grew up in Newcastle in the 60's-70's until late 1980 and absolutely love going back nearly every year,

but........... It appears the Newcastle academy feels there aren't enough Who/Wholigan fans to warrant a show there this UK tour :( (Aug/Sept 09)

If you have seen the band on our last 3 times through Newcastle at both 'The Opera House/Tyne Theatre & The Academy and want to see us back in Newcastle, call up the Academy (or other possible venues) and voice your support for us. email call +44 191 268 0627

Locals ,also air your support on the BBC Radio Newcastle Paddy Macdee show. Do you have a better Newcastle venue ?,.....gis a shout at or mail our UK agent.

BBC Radio Newcastle .....Paddy Macdee interview 2008
Live at the BBC...Part 1 of 4
Live at the BBC....Part 2
Live at the BBC... Part 3
Live at the BBC ... Part 4

Newcastle Evening Chronicle writes about The Wholigans
2 page centre article on Barry in the chronicle
EMAIL Gordon Barr

Newcastle evening chronicle (he did the 2003 write up .............(above 2 page centre) ___ _______________________

A fantastic substitute! (link) By Dave Charlton, The Evening Chronicle The Wholigans, Newcastle Opera House - As a big fan of The Who, I arrived at the Newcastle Opera House a little apprehensive. Could tribute band The Wholigans live up to the original rock legends?

But from the opening number Who Are You?, my anguish soon disappeared. Not only did they sound brilliant but they even mimicked their counterparts, from Daltrey's microphone swinging through to Townshend's thrashing windmill style guitar playing.

This was then followed up with superb renditions of classics such as Happy Jack, Magic Bus, Boris The Spider and Pinball Wizard.
After a short interval the band returned to the mesmerising synthesiser intro to Baba O'Riley.
They then treat the crowd to more gems including Substitute, Pictures of Lily and finally, Won't Get Fooled Again. The Wholigans returned for a final encore with `Daltrey' in a Newcastle United shirt, and they finished the show with a blistering performance of The Who anthem My Generation.

To complete the proceedings the drums were kicked over and `Townshend's' guitar smashed on stage.
Now there are critics who disagree or are against tribute bands but if they're as good as this and continue on spreading the gospel of great live music instead of manufactured pop pap, then I'm all for it.

Do I think that The Wholigans come into this category of fantastic live music? You Better, You Bet!
Newcastle opera house 'Behind blue eyes' 2003 video
On a happier note. For all me Geordie mates who gan on the pop , divvent get on the phone aftaawards. Rhubarb I find this classic :)

* Toronto July 31st (link) I'm still looking for former Wholigans..and friends , all believed to be in Toronto..
John Walsh (guitarist 85-89ish)
Mario Forlini aka Mick Forli aka Mick LaRock (guitarist 82-83) & Pierre (Al) Major & Joe (bassist) (82-83) possibly in Montreal
& Pete Milner (2000)
& guitarist Rich Flynn (Oshawa) may have moved to Atlanta
Gareth Brown owner of Toronto's rock n roll heaven in the 80's (below Q107)

Please contact me at

UPDATES July 17th 1pm
*New date in Scotland Aug 28th
Aug 30th Dundee show moved


Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps the delicate geniuses in New England will get off their arses and finally book you guys!

I know it takes about a year for booking, but come on, I've been repeatedly sending the website to my local venues and sending links for those venues to

On a positive note, I gave Stephanie Marshall, the booking agent at Greenfield Energy Park your business card and she sounded interested in booking the Wholigans for perhaps an IOW reenactment next year! Booking beging in January so let's keep our blooy fingers crossed.

Kananda Fernades Lima said...
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Anonymous said...

I've also taken the liberty of getting local radio stations in my neck of the woods to promote you guys. Word of mouth is the best advertising.

Anonymous said...
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TV show 'The Spot' featuring The Wholigans 2005 (scroll to the right for more or just push play)
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