Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Apologies to WHO fans......but

Lucy(green) and friends,and my bud Carl (in black)

I went to see my favourite singer ever last week in Ft.Lauderdale/Hollywood Florida.June 17th at the Hard Rock.
Paul Rodgers teamed back up with BAD CO.
Paul very kindly 'asked ' (no bs) for myself and a couple of other English friends up to the dressing room,where we had a lengthy banter about everything from chip shops in the UK to salmon fishing in BC...oh aye and about his singing skills, which weren't too shabby either ;)
(Very enjoyable Paul, I appreciated that so much were very classy)
Like Paul Rodgers is reading MY blog.....yeah right!!!! ha ha

Anyway here are a few photo's of backstage and also the dressing room sign that he autographed to me.
I must give thanks to my good friend Carl Dunn a well respected (in some circles...sorry Carl ;)
and very well renowned photographer who snapped the photo's of Paul and I ,and was -as always- Carl was a cool cool guy. ....'ornery' ...but likeable ;)
See Carl's sites here
Thanks also to Lucy Piller and Carl for pulling strings, when they needed to be pulled, and also to Chris (Paul's road manager) btw Chris....get out n play ! ;)
BAD CO for their first gig of this 10 date tour were spot on imo, take a look at some of these video's of that night.

BAD CO in Ft Lauderdale June 17th
Rock Steady

Shooting star (good quality)

Deal with the preacher(good quality)

Simple man (good quality)

Seagull (good quality)

Bad Company(good quality)

Can’t get enough

Feel like makin love

Movin on

Live for the music

Running with the pack

Not so good quality, but ok
Ready for love


This guy has lots as well

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Two handsome men!

TV show 'The Spot' featuring The Wholigans 2005 (scroll to the right for more or just push play)
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