Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Honest enjun !

Updated Wed Oct 24th 9.15am

Oct 23rd 2007 10.55am

I'll blog about the German trip this week I promise, but right now I'm in between doctors visits etc and working here and there.
I only have until next Tuesday to write, as Halloween is my big back surgery day, and I'll be stuck there in hospital for 3 days ,then home for 6-9 weeks and recouperating with absolutely no computer access allowed for a minimum of 2-3 weeks, as I'm only allowed to lay down and not sit at a computer chair. (+I don't have a laptop)

So no-one will get emails or posts from me but I will have a phone by my side as I stare at blockbuster movies for a zillion weeeks ! :(
Call me if you want, but give it a few days as I'll be in pain/stoned for a little while ; }

This is my FINAL SURGERY (99.9% sure)
I'm having partial bone removal allowing nerves now being crushed that are cutting off access to my legs and feet allowing normal activity + removal of bone spurs and arthritis between L4 and L5 (lower back) all through a 3" cut in the lower spine.

This is the biggest surgery to date and hopefully will be a new day in my life as I'm tired of complaining as most around me are of hearing about it ( I know I know :( )
I'll be coming home after 3 days in the big house with a self medicating pain pump which will have the button permanently pressed down ;}

In a weird kind of way I'm looking forward to it as I've been not the nicest guy in the last few years and am going to try and change/turn around 100% my personality, but without promises...I can only try.

Being in pain for 3 years now and on meds screws a person up but that's all going to change after xmas.

My apologies to all those I've been a complete arsehole to in the last few years I hope you forgive me.

My wife who is surely a saint has been there every day through a lot of shit, god knows how she did it but she did and is still doing it, thankyou dear, I love you.

As for the future , I don't know if The Wholigans are in it, lets take a wait and see attitude, it's too early too call.

If not, it's been a wild ride,

if so then lets 'drive that train cos , I'm out of my brain on the 5.15'

Thanks to all the fans for 25 years, it's been great ! :)

Hopefully I'll be better for/by christmas.

To those who have photo's of Germany, please send them to me well before next Wednesday so I can share them with everybody, I seriously cannot do it after my surgery.

Barry :)

ps:Don't forget to see the concert link in the blog below and visit http://www.fivefifteen.com/ to see photo's and sign the guestbook.



Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking of you, Barry. Mr. Snuggles sends a bear hug, too!


Melanie said...

Wow, you're going home on a pain pump?? Damn! That's some serious surgery! Will it be internal or external? We're having some good success with internal stimulators at Johns Hopkins.

Lots of healing vibes and prayers coming your way, man.


Barry said...

Yes it's a biggy this time :\
Thanks for the thoughts, but don't worry I have lots of drugs.(legal)
As for ext or internal pump, I don't know I'm guessing it's intravenous ? :}
Oxycontin and percoset, vicodin, and morphine should do the trick I think !

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