Friday, May 26, 2006

A Wholigan in New York.

Photo taken at The Who concert at Madison Sq Garden. 2002

I'm off to NYC with the missus on Sunday for 5 days,and we've got a litle bit extra cash so we are sure to have a good time.As well as going to bbkings on Wednesday and hanging out with Bill from who'snext we are going to play tourist and do some shopping and also eat in Little Italy .
We plan on going to ground zero this time as we didn't do it last time in NYC not long after 911, we felt it was just too early last time, but I'm sure it will still be a sad reminder and it's something we must do.

NYC is such a fantastic city, if I were in my 20's again I'd probably live there.

Photo's from 2002


SBG said...

Bitching about tickets? Shut the fuck up!

Worry about this sad situation, this Wholigans. And you hang out with other tribute bands? Are you daft, man? WAKE UP!!!!

YOU would NEVER survive in NYC. Because NYC is for ORIGINALS and not COPIERS like yourself.

Write a song on your own and get a new band, will you? If you have any self-respect left as a musician, you give it a try "before YOU get old."

Why do you think Pete avoids these Convention things? It's rather EMBARRASING. As for Roger's attendance, he's on the vain side anyway and needs the worship. Sort of like, well, you.


SBG said...

FYI...against my judgment, I went to the latest Who Convention and walked out in 2 minutes. The whole thing freaked me sad.


Barry said...

I heard this same comment 24 years ago when I started this band.
It doesn't bother me and I do get your point even though you need to take a valium.
I have tremendous fun playing The Who's music and have entertained millions of people
(that's right I said millions!) over the years.

It's all about entertainment ,and I must be doing something right as my band has taken me around the world including NYC (I was just there btw) and people wouldn't come to see The Wholigans if they weren't entertained
(did I mention I've been doing it for 24 years?)

Oh yeah of course I like the worship, doesn't everybody.

Have a nice day :)

Barry said...

"FYI...against my judgment, I went to the latest Who Convention and walked out in 2 minutes. The whole thing freaked me sad."

You missed a great day, a true Who fan would have stayed.
Thankyou for your 20pound contribution to the TCT though.

Metalchick said...

Hi Barry,
I've been responding to your comments on Pete's blog. I still think that both veteran and rookie fans should have an equal chance to get tickets. I do understand what you mean about how loyal fans should having the privelage to get tickets, however, that would cause some more problems.

As for you sbg,
I'm beginning to think you are not a true Who fan! You think it's sad that loyal fans listen to tribute bands and attend conventions? Well...So What! These are just ways of fans showing how much they really love their favorite bands!
You think Roger going to the conventions makes him vain? So What! I think that shows that Roger cares about his fans. Also Pete doesn't have to go to the conventions if he doesn't want to, he's still cool with me. At least he talks to the fans!
Just because you walked out of the convention doesn't mean you have to condemn the rest of the Who fans who choose to go!
Barry can play whatever he wants! If you want original music, then go listen to another band! No one's making you listen to tribute bands!
Leave Barry alone! Let the fans do what they want!

Barry said...

metalchick thanks foryour post with a dash of sensibility as opposed to know who.

Anyway here is part of a post I did at a who chatboard called theshout..a pete townshendchatboard (the link is on the right of my blog) goes..

"I meant that who fans who have hung around the chatboards been to the concerts who have
bought the books
bought the cds
bought the dvds should have some kind of preference over johnny come lately last minute ticket buyers who happened to see the who last week on tv .
Don't people like us deserve some kind of presale ? "

Lets face it every band out there has presales except The Who, and I tell you what I wouldn't be surprised if a presale didn't happen for the USA leg, which would be nice.

Not once did I literally mean a 30 year veteran should have preference over a 13 year old, I do think a 1 year+ fan should be able to get some kind of presale over a co worker who just happens to want to go to a concert that night.

WHO fans deserve more than what they get ticketwise imo.
I'm fighting for all of us including SBG ;)

Metalchick said...

Hi barry,
I thought about this some more and I apologize for what I assummed earlier. I forgot about most bands having presales. Loyal fans should have a chance to get tickets before everyone else, especially sbg, even though he or she is being a d**K.

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